Mar. 15th, 2017

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This isn't— this isn't really how it works.

[ Cary's mouth pulls into a thin line, his expression making his dissatisfaction fairly obvious. ]

At the risk of sounding a little simplistic, it isn't a one 'n' done kinda deal. You know that.

[ Beat. ]

I'm not saying it's not separation anxiety.
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I... I had no idea.

[She can't get over the fact that Precht decided to abandon her son. He could have raised him. She would have helped. Of course, given what Precht became afterwards, maybe it was for the best. But maybe the child could have helped him become someone different? Maybe Zeref wouldn't have had to kill him?]

Of course, Mun. It is sweet that Zeref named him after that particular month.

But... why did August choose not to tell him?

[She supposes he never tried to tell her because he thought she was dead and when he eventually found out she was alive, he figured it was too late to tell her. But Zeref? ...Did August think he had been abandoned because none of them actually wanted him?]

If we both survive this war, I hope I get to talk to him.

[Mavis-mun briefly considers telling her muse that August suggested in a chapter 509 than only his mother could defeat him, but she decides to spare her muse for now.]
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Congrats. Have a round of applause.

[like, two shitty claps.]

I don't really give a damn. Just let me keep the bike, alright?
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You do realize that my friends will realize I'm missing don't you?

I mean yeah, I'm glad to not have to worry about Bozaks... At least until you let me return home, but I'm worried about my friends okay? And the promise of an adventure isn't going to stop that. [ The childlike help pouts a moment] I don't care that there are other elves at that place. I don't want to leave Ansalon. So you can send me back home with whatever magicks you used to bring me here.

[ And here the pout turns into the angriest little scowl a preteen looking elf can actually come up with, complete with a foot stomp because why not.]
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 You...should relax. Just 'cause I like music doesn't mean you're copying the blue SOUL.. People can like the same stuff without being the same.
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Look, mate, whatever this is I don't have time for it.

I've got a month to get all my googies in a row. D'you know how quick a month goes by? I'm no where close to bein' done! So why don't you nick off and find someone else to bother, yeah?
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Yeah it's... been a while there, Mun. That's what you're called, right? Right. Like I said, it's been a while.

Look, we've really gotta work on communication, you and I. You're considering a possible 'game' for me.. The only game I'm down for is dragon racing. That's about it. I don't want to get into any other situations. I've got enough to deal with back on Berk. A tribe to look after, helping out mom, the dragons and--

...Annnd you're not bothering listening to me. Just. Searching for those games, huh? Great.

Glad we had this talk.


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