Mar. 14th, 2017

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...So I see you've brought me back once again.

I don't understand why but i'll be patient as long as this isn't something that will take a while.

[ He flashes something of a smile here; light but somewhat impatient in itself. ]

If I am needed I will act accordingly but don't forget I do have people I'm responsible for back home so please don't be too reckless with what you choose to do with me.
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You speak of "games", but I only know the game of the labyrinth, and that's no game at all, truthfully.

How do you expect me to survive in some strange land, or even a different world? I can barely imagine that.

Just leave me be. I have enough troubles.
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Well, I wouldn't say he's as grumpy as my Grumpy, but he does come close and he's most certainly trying as hard as he can! He's a bit too quiet to be as grumpy as my Grumpy though.

I'm not too worried. Grumpy didn't like me at first either, but we'll just have to see who is more stubborn, him or me.
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"I'd have no reason to disrespect this man in this AU". That's your other priority?

Please, I'm not that petty. I know what good he does for my brother. I don't think he would have that much trouble adapting to this strange city, and that goes just as well for Dimple, Teru-san and... Suzuki.

[ :3 ] 

... If you make another "Ritsun" joke I'm not talking to you.

[ ooc: I already have a friend planning to be Mob! ]
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( he knows the routine — he says something to the effect of "this is a bad idea", the mun disagrees, and in futility he'll repeat himself until he gives up and agrees to go along. instead, he says nothing. a dark mask of blank indifference veils his face, betraying none of his thoughts.

finally, after a long silence, he speaks — each word carefully and slowly measured out, )
You have invested in me. Which makes you a client. So I better get to work.

( as always, reports will be sent regularly concerning his progress. )


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