Mar. 13th, 2017

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It goes without saying that I find every world fascinating. [He steeples his fingers and peers over his half-moon spectacles.] I am a Gryffindor at heart; I do not mind adventures, though age has taught me some caution, I think.

[Has it really? He merely smiles.]
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Wahahaha! Isn't it grand? The resurgence for my popularity is at hand! Now all of your slackers and late-to-the-party-ers can have a Nobu of their very own! Or at the very least, get her to NP5...

Not to mention, of course, that surely our well awaited sequel must be at hand. Please look forward to it! In time, everyone will see this Nobunaga's worth as the only type-moon heroine that matters.

[Aren't people more excited for Okita than you though-] Okita Souji...? Who's that, some minor character? Never heard of her.

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Decide which of my memory save files you want to play me from first.

And then find 9S. He is absolutely imperative.
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--well, this is unexpected. What's the matter, got nothing else to do?
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So, if I've got this right... I'm being whisked off to an enchanted land where emotions control beautiful crystals, there are plenty of mystical beasts, and they have princes and princesses galore?

If this doesn't get my destiny back on track, nothing will! I can't believe you thought I wouldn't want to go.

Oooh, maybe this can count as extra credit towards my Damsel-In-Distressing class.
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--I'd prefer to remain decommissioned. [Not that she expects her preferences to be taken into account, but she's apparently expected to voice her concern anyway.]
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So lemme get this straight...

[well my man, there's really nothing to get straight but he wants to go ahead and try anyways- it seems.]

You have no plans for me, you just wanna let me out and 'see what happens?' ...Huh, not like I'm really complaining though, guess that's all really anyone can do when they're just getting started. Me? Don't worry- I'm pretty easy going. Just let me fight the battles I wanna fight and we won't have any problems.

[let him run wild, basically.] Now, where can a guy get a decent drink around here? Gotta wet my whistle before I really go all out. Heh!


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