Mar. 12th, 2017

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You an' I both know this isn't goin' to work. These sudden urges of yers don't go nowhere.

[Well of course they won't with that negative attitude, missy. Merida rolls her eyes and picks up her skirts, sitting herself down with a huff and crossing her arms over her chest.]

I miss a lot of people, sure, but s'not like I'm goin' to get to see them. All this wishy-washy nonsense of yers. [More quietly, leaning forward and draping her arms over her knees;] 'Sides, they've probably forgotten about me.

[She waves her hand.]

Och, I'll be fine. As long as I've got Angus, I'm fine, ye know that.
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Do you think the Junior Woodchuck guidebook says anything about this place?
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We can't keep... doing this.

Why? Because we're not doing anything, and we're doing that far too often. I'm not going to just be standing still.

It's not really a strategy that works out well.
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[Is it a female version of an annoying redhead? Hell yes it is.]

Ihihihi! Right, right, making sure you've got my voice down is way more important than the icons. Especially since you've got artist's block and all. Do what you can, see if you can't solve the other problems later, got it?

You keep forgetting that, Mun!

[She's just gonna grin for now.]
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It's cool that you thought of me and tried to write some stuff for me, but like--you can't use it til May? You should do other stuff instead. I don't mind if you put off arranging things for my inevitable nervous breakdown til then.

Or like, put it off forever. I'm just thinking about what's best for you.
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[That was kinda harsh.]

Look, just because you're going through some nostalgia trip doesn't mean you need to drag me into it. I have a lot to do.

[Crickets chirp.]

It's not easy looking after these squads, but somebody's got to. And since I'm the only qualified officer...that's me. [Sighs.] Fuck my life.


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