Mar. 11th, 2017

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[ Grace lifts an eyebrow. ]

You watch four hours of Live PD and this is what you do.

You know that playing an original character is not an easy idea. And you want to start with me, the cop who couldn't realize her own boyfriend was corrupt. The person that no one will ever trust again because they don't know if I was lying for him or just stupid.

Where are you going to find someone who's going to put up with me?

[ Shakes her head. She knows this is less about the mun than about how she doesn't even trust herself right now. ]

It would be nice to have a friend again. Maybe a new partner. If that's what you're doing this for, then I guess I can try.

Just please take it slow.
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 Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean where would I even go? What would I do?

Maybe I could find Catherine, get the ARK and finish the plan.

Please just... don't leave me alone.
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Really? You are gonna do this again...I was perfectly happy just resting in the back of your head and you decide to stir the pot again. You and I both know this ain't gonna go well, so why bother?
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See, no one ever listens to me.
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[Who] [Are] [You?]

[Please] [Take] [Me] [Back] [Home]

[Mother] [Will] [Be] [Worried]



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