Mar. 10th, 2017

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Think I don't see what you're doin? That grin or whatever -- I know what it means. Don't go doin me no favors and don't spoil nuthin. We had a moment. Leave things alone. There's some shit that's about to go down.
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That's a terrible joke. You should be ashamed of yourself.

[Who said it was a joke?]

Regardless, the point still stands.

[No U. My point still stands.]

I'm not having this argument with you.
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Wait, You're gonna make me into a WHAT?!

[A magical girl! You know, saving the world, wearing cute dresses, probably have some magic abilities... Murder.]

Is this some sort of sick joke?! I'm a grown man for fuck's sake! Not some prissy little bitch in a schoolgirl uniform waving around a wand. And what the hell did you say about murder?!

[Erm... What murder?]

Don't play dumb with me, jackass. You know how much I hate liars.

[Oh... I apped you into a murdergame... About magical girls. Seriously.]

... How the fuck do those two things even go together?!
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One hundred and three days.

What's that, did you think I hadn't been counting?
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Oh so you're doing this?

Even before you finish the re-watch?

Alright, okay, alright, won't argue.

What are you really planning to do with me though? I mean, I know you've already got Eliot up here in the headspace, and I know you don't let him out much, and I also know you don't want to know what's going to happen with both of us cooped up in here.

Just saying.
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Listen closely. Ice Bear did not enjoy hibernation period. Ice Bear is number one.

...Ice Bear sees what you did there mun. Less memes, more action.
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Go fuck yourself with a rake! I'm not helping you find out more shit about me.


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