Mar. 9th, 2017

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Oooh, now this is exciting! My first event in Wonderland, and I'm back in a lab! Just like home!

Well, except it's not home, and none of the walls move...

And... Weird creature things... Everywhere. Plus everyone's a kid for some reason...

Should be fun.
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I suppose it would be too much to ask that once you get that game, you leave me alone?
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I don't deserve to be here. You, of all people, should know that.
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It's been three episodes [Four Peter. If you count the--.]

Okay four episodes. Still are you sure you have the ability to play me? I mean I do like a good underdog but I also have an important job to do. Maybe its best we part ways. No, memes. I mean that.

Or games.
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Look, comment cards! Since we're both a little nervous about this and you're not sure how to start, I'm making some wonderful comment cards for this place. Just ignore the pile in the corner. Those didn't quite make the cut.

You're going to find everyone else before we leave this place, right?

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I'm the last person who can tell you this is a stupid idea.

( true. his superpower is always making really poor life decisions.

a smirk cuts into his cheeks, )
You'd say that I'm an expert, huh? Then trust me when I say that this is a stupid idea.
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...Y'know, mun?

I don't even care that you're makin' me go to school. That's not so bad, even if I know some people might complain about it.

But... c'mon! You couldn't write my name into the backstory for it? You gotta make me go by...!

Ugh, nice try, but no way are you tricking me into saying it.

[Pouty fox is folding his arms? YOU BET'CHA.]

I'd like it a lot more if you could just write my name into it. I don't care if it wouldn't make sense, at least think about it!
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[-he's currently inside of a cryo tank. And it was what he wanted. And he's not dead, so:]

Happy Birthday, Buck.

[And if that's conveyed with a soft, too-sincere voice, well, nobody else is around to hear it.]


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