Mar. 7th, 2017

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So you would send me to space. An interesting concept, I do agree, and from what both you and I have experienced the people there are very kind. It seems peaceful enough.

[ There's a pause, before Luna offers a small smile. ]

You'll hear no objections from me. By your hand, then, I suppose.
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[ said dryly after a long pause: ] Umbrella.

You hear one mention and you are suddenly reminded of me? Do not make me laugh.

You put your money on things that do not concern me. When you are ready to pay up, come talk.

To put it simply: If it does not pay, I am not interested. Understood?
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[ as she speaks, her arms keep fast to her chest. ] Look, I know how this works, okay?

We express our disinterest; you all pretend, for an inkling of a second, that we have a voice. You stay fascinated for a week, maybe a month, and then you move on. Discard us and trade us for whatever flavor-of-the-month comes next.

All I'm saying is — don't make this into something it isn't. For both our sakes.
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So... what? What is this? Your pathetic way of trying to pay homage to one of your favorite authors? A way for you to challenge the way you talk about death and life and the mortality that faces us all?

Sure, you're cynical enough to do it -

But is this want you really want?

OOC: This is May Kasahara, a side character in Haruki Murakami's novel, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. Canon has her at age 16, which is how I'm playing her (at least for now). She's snarky, dry, and likes talking about death.
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"Pulling me out of the Sidekick Impound Lot," huh?

Cute. Reeeeeeal cute. First of all, me and Static are partners and second, shouldn't I at least be old enough to be in the Justice League by now?

Unless you've got me in some kind of time stasis which- You do, don't you? I dunno what kind of sick powers you have, but you had better knock it off, right now!
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[Vanyel sighs, placing his hand to his temple.]

What is it that you want from me? You want entertainment? I've never been known to be amuse me. I realize that you have some affection for me. Very well. But I still don't know what it is that I am meant to do.

Talk to people?

You know that apart from being able to charm someone when I need to SOME of the time, I was never much good at that either.

Well then?

What am I meant to do?

/dusts off

Mar. 7th, 2017 09:10 pm
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We had a good run for a while, mun. I was beginning to wonder if it was something I said.

[It makes sense that you'd want to wait for more material before getting ahead of yourself, but the latest season only went so far, right?] You've nothing to fear, you know? Everyone we've encountered thus far has been nothing short of delightful. If that changes, they'll have to go through me first.

[And that's no small feat!]

So. What do you say? Shall we give it another go?
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Well, then! Is that a little better, mundane? I'm ready to proceed, but only with the assurance that you'll be anything but. [Mundane. In case that wasn't abundantly clear.]

It might be a small delay before things really pick up, though with a classmate showing their lovely face this weekend, excitement may be coming sooner rather than later.

[A small chuckle - 'ufufu!']

You seem confident in your handling of me. I can certainly appreciate that. But let's not delude ourselves - some of this is going to be a new challenge for you. But your eagerness will count for something, no doubt.

At the very least, it will prove to be quite interesting.
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 So, do you think I'll still get cameos?

You still have your 'Ghost Dad' appearance to make.

Fifty credits says Obi-Wan or Yoda smack me.   Pretty sure I earned that.

No bet.  I want to see if someone roasts marshmallows over your pyre.

Wow.  That would be so rude.   So, yeah... probably.
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Oh, c'mon, where's your sense of adventure? Don't tell me you're chickening out. We barely got started...!

( a small pause and then a tiny sly grin spreads across her face; saying in a sing-y tone: )

Ya knnnnnooowwwww, if you give it chaaaance - you might just like it~♪.

( giggles. )

Besides, I'm not going to leave you alone otherwise. ( she places her hands on her hips with her head held high.) -- So we should just get going. I wanna be out there to the great unknown.


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