Mar. 6th, 2017

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[ derisively: ] I know, I know — and you were trying so hard to stay away.
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I'm really starting to question your strange sense of humor.

I understand the whole point of revealing our secrets of our alternate selves, but did you have to reveal my AU's secret about asking out different ladies from his/my college days?!

[Sycamore then sighs to this as he put his hand over his forehead.]

I really can't understand what kind of plots you've made lately...
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yea but liek

still gonna kill kenney

you bastard ~~(8:>
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Given I lived a significant part of my life avoiding kids at all costs, it's pretty fuckin' funny how I keep finding myself surrounded by them.

And the fact I apparently have not one but two kids to look forward to in the future? Pass me the bourbon so I can get a head start at being a deadbeat dad.
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Artorius. Innominat.

[ Two names that the masses speak with reverence, with awe. But here the names are acid upon her tongue. She seethes the two names, but only for a moment.

And then the anger boiling beneath the surface manifests abruptly. ]
It doesn't matter what world they're in! [ Yep, she's shouting now, throwing out her arm wildly. ] Send me where they are, so I can end this once and for all--!
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Not very often I get summoned by two humans in such a short amount of time, though yours was more intentional it's also more aimless.

But it is flattering to know you humans still have me in your thoughts after all this time. Just make sure I get back to Shouta-san in a timely manner okay?
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[Only a single eyeroll.]


[And he's looking to the side...]


[And finally he gives a long sigh.
That means no.

Go back to your game, dammit.
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Taking on all of us at the same time, huh? You're pretty brave for a human writer! [The succubus Mirari let out a laugh, her tail flicking behind her with amusement.]

You needn't worry. We will be gentle and we will remain mindful of what you can handle. [The usually taciturn Orias had a smirk upon his face. It was in mischief that he and Mirari surprisingly got on well . . .]

[The oldest, Kael, let out a sigh, giving his writer a rueful smile.]
They're very enthusiastic, as you can tell . . . But Orias is right. Don't strain yourself, miss.

[Meanwhile, Akki, the youngest of the bunch, looked a little sheepish.] So uh - do I get to eat all the pizza I want while we're here?

[Everyone let out a sigh.]

[ooc; this is a journal for all the sex demons of the game Cute Demon Crashers. It's an R18+ otome game, and as such, some topics in the comments might be NSFW. Please proceed at your own discretion! ♥]
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You almost make my life sound like a fun joke with this commentary of yours. Yet you encourage me to learn dovahzul and to stop fighting fate.

[ Brynhild, find yourself some chill. There you go. ]

I can't say I'm mad– I know, I can't fight it forever. But where's everything else? The whole... Writing thing. The strange plots and the actual development.

Are you so shy to share my life story? You gave it some shape - isn't that the whole point? Kos faasnu, kiir. Be fearless, child.

And give me a damned break for once in my life.


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