Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I know I'm not exactly the sort of version you're used to so... are you sure about this? We've barely even had time to get to know each other. I don't know if looking at potential games is really the way to go about this...

[ DON'T WORRY, Mamoru! Your mun is super excited for you and will do her absolute best to make sure you're comfortable and ready to go some place instead of sitting around in silence with your books, wondering if you'll get a chance to get out there!

...and the mun is going to get a couple blinks at that bit of cheerleading but a smile to follow quickly after. ]

Well, I suppose giving it a shot can't hurt any, right?
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[There's a girl - about 11 or 12 - sitting there and watching people go by. At least she might be watching people go by. She's wearing a pair of sunglasses with pink and blue flowers on the rims. With her knees tucked under her chin, she looks to the left and to the right before staring straight again.

Address this? This being kidnapped? After what she went through? Not happening. Easier to brood. After a good 10 minutes she offers a low annoyed growl like a feral cat.

Then back to staring. This is the worst.]


Mar. 3rd, 2017 10:33 am
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Okay, if we go by when the manga ended... and I was sixteen in the epilogue, right? So that'd make me thirty-seven now.

Damn, I look good for my age.

title or description

It's weird. On the one hand, it'd be neat to get the kinda response I'm sure Usagi and Sakura get on their birthdays.

title or description

By the end of the year it'll have been twenty years since the last Rayearth thing came out though, and whoa, a few people still drew cute pictures of me for my birthday. Not as cool as Hikaru getting that Figma you've got, but who can blame 'em, she's adorable.

So, I guess my point is it's nice not to fade completely into obscurity? It's a lot more relaxing than getting a Magic Knight Rayearth Crystal, anyways, ha.
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Aw shoot! Thanks fer all the new icons. I ain't got a clue what this one's about, but I'm makin' a real cute face, ain't I?

You gonna get around to gettin' me off the shelf next? I remember you talkin' about me 'n Harrowheart goin' for a joyride in some place where undead live on their own terms. Even voluntarily! Gettin' to see what kinda culture they built, try their cuisine and-

Oh wait.

Wait. Maybe this isn't good. Maybe we CAN wait a bit longer.
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So you're getting a 2DS and the game that helps you grasp Valentia better.

Good. That's what I wanted to hear. This tells me you're serious this time.
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Hey, look. I am totally a hundred percent down with going on some kinda' jacked up vaycay. Hell, I'll miss the crew but they'd hound my ass forever if I didn't take up the opportunity to meet like... Batman or Captain fuckin' Kirk. You think I could snag some autographs there and bring 'em home?

But that whole alien scenario thing? Space horror or whatever. Nah. I'll pass. I mean I'm good but I ain't Archie level pro. That ginger badass is like on prestige tier.

Also, can I say one last thing? That new Naked Chicken Chalupa at Taco Bell? Fuck the haters. That shit is legit. Best invention since the Doritos Locos Tacos.
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Oh sure! You won't help me get back up but you will pick me up as a muse?

And what is this? You are already looking at games to put me in? And if I get in I can eat the bird and keep her wings? Why would I want a pair of wings, everyone knows wings are not shiny.

They glow and become shiny? Well then mun, I can't wait to become a full fledged muse for you.


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