Mar. 1st, 2017

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Right. March.

— No, no, yeah, I got it.
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[ Following a long moment of silence: ] I'm told leaving well enough alone is something of an acquired skill.

[ His delivery is as flat as always, but there's still something like wryness audible to those who've an ear for it. ]
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Look, it's not my fault that it happened. And how was I supposed to know it would grow back? You wouldn't want me to tell him lies now, would you?

At this rate, you're going to have everyone thinking I'm the villain in this story!
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I've got to say, you've been handlin' yourself quite well lately! You've certainly got a drive that I can admire, between the two games and activities in both, on top o' everything else.

Now, onto business. So, that Cosmographia place is goin' to end fairly soon here, and just after getting back in. You may be feeling a little conflicted, but it's going to take more than that to deflate the spirit of Scrooge McDuck! I still intend on starting a business there, just as soon as I see what niche I can fill, and it looks like I ought t'have plenty of time to expand it in. That'll all sort itself out, it always has.

Speaking of businesses, I hope it's sooner rather than later that you intend to get back to the replies I've been gettin' on the one I'm opening in Verens! I've had a bonnie good turnout so far, and I'm nae letting that get away from me. I've got no more solid idea of its name than you do right now, but if there's one thing I know how to do, it's name an establishment.

Death Battle spoilers? Is that a thing that matters? )
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Shucks, writer-lady. Gone and made me all a-fluttered, you did.

I guess I'm just your type, huh? Monotone colours, mischievious grin, more than a slight inclination towards r̴̠͔͖͖̬e̴̖̪̼̟̜v̵̡̭͚̗̪e̷̢̝̩͔͔ņ̴̣̳̱ͅg̷͎̪̹̘͉e̷̘̲̗̺̠ , a grand total of 'round ten minutes of actual canon ...

Yep! Boy howdy, writer-lady, I can already tell!

We're going to get along just w̴̡̢͕̣̯o̷̧͕͓͈̖n̴̨̖͚̦̗d̴͔̤̻͉̣e̷̬̫̞̝̯r̷̜̳̻̺ͅf̸̡̨̳̗̱u̷͇͔̙̜͖l̸̢̥̻̲̭l̴̯̘͓͓͙y̸̡̹͈̤̹.̸͈̪̙̲̻.
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I should start charging for all the philanthropic advice you've had me spewing as of late. I'd make more cash than when I signed all that Harry Styles merch.

[ Who has got two thumbs and is proud of recently being Less Than A Total Shit because of Dick Grayson's influence? This humblebragging troll god. ]
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 You should go get some help or something.


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