Feb. 28th, 2017

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So. Gonna be a long summer, huh.
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Your money is better spent on things you will actually use.

Do not pretend you have any intention of playing me beyond that street of baking.
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It is coming together quite nicely! Wouldn't you say so? I do love a good conspiracy. How much longer, I wonder, until we drag the masons into it, too? You've already got your - well, our - kidney failure and spas and music...

Shame about that, though, isn't it? That part seems to be fading into the background. Not what I would call my best work, either, but think of some of the other things I've farted out that have garnered attention!

And as for the other suspicions? Let the devil come. Everyone may be pleasantly surprised there, too!

Masonic, demonic. Vampiric. It's all the same! And it's all so radiant.
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Woah woah woah, that's not gonna work. Like, at all.

I appreciate you not leaving me up here to rot. But the evil cackling is a bad sign. So what exactly are you laughing so hard abo-

-Oh great.
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I'm excited too, mun!  

I know it seems far off right now, but I'm sure that the wait will be worth it.  

The Aquors shall perform again! 
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You know you promised t'take me to Nebraska last time?!!

[Okay so maybe he's screaming.

So don't sue him. It's a free country.]

Well, gee-umping-willikers, Missus, what's a fella gotta do to get put on a plane to the Peaceful Middle of Nowhere these days? Brassieres don't work. If they did I'd have had the double-Ds strewn over my head by now. And whaddaya mean I don't need an occasion t--

[Well, the mun's not wrong. Huh. Magic words. He's... pondering, now.]

No, no, you're right. I don't think it'd be all that flattering on my physique. If we're talking typical underbust correlation I don't think I'd be a--

A B? You think I'm a B?
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You just don't know when to quit.
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You say you're putting me here to get some hugs but I'm quite sure you only want to hear more "actual 6 year old" jokes.

[Trust him. He's heard them all.]
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[See the great detective.

See the great detective lie over his desk, aggressively pretending to take a nap.


Ranpo, this is where you're supposed to do something...]

Nope. [He doesn't even open his eyes.] Firstly: you've ignored me all this time. Secondly: I'm not interested. Thirdly: you haven't given me any of the snacks you promised!

[I didn't actually -]

And fourthly! You haven't given me any snacks at all for months and months and months! Including interest, that's roughly a year's worth of candy you owe me.

I'm not moving a single muscle until you pay me.
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 [A Floette with a black flower? They might've seen that, sure, but why do you think they'd remember it so clearly?

There are thousands of that species out there, after all, and Mew's always travelling. One Pokémon with a strange accessory wouldn't catch their attention for long. Especially if it didn't want to play!]


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