Feb. 27th, 2017

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[Bugs looks annoyed.]

Look, doll. We've been tru dis before. Der ain't no place where a rabbit like me can go. You know, I know it, and dey know it.

[He points to anyone that happens to be reading this.]

Face it, folks don't make games fer toons like me anymore.
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...So much time has passed since you created this account and yet you sit there as if everything will happen all by itself.

This game will only begin once you start to move the pieces.


Stop placing the blame on the queen. You know she will only be able to move once all the pawns are in place and I have executed a masterful game plan.
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[ With the faintest note of amusement in his voice: ] It's been a minute.

I guess by now I oughta know better than to ask what the plan is. Should've known better, too, than to think you were done with me. Fair warning, though — I'm done playin' nice.
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Well - after all these years. Looks who's come crawling back.

[Cue the rhetorical laugh]
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If it's what you want, fine. Just go at your own pace.

[ I have to get more icons for you first. ]

One thing at a time.


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