Feb. 26th, 2017

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm quite looking forward to my confrontation with our dear Captain.
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(A very slight raised eyebrow at the choice of username.)


You might want to reign that sense of humor back in.

(ooc: I'm still crazy early in the game, tho I don't mind spoilers. Do what you gotta do to help me voicetest this guy.) 
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...the chances of finding any of them here are very slim. That's just what I think, after looking around this place.

[She stares down at her gloved hands, then sits to draw her knees up under her chin.]

But even if there's a small chance I can see them, I'll wait. It's not like before, with Father. This time I'll wait in earnest. I have happy memories to keep me hopeful.
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Seriously? Three episodes. Three episodes, and I'm already--

You know what? I'm pretty sure my therapist--therapists--would have words for you. Like delusional and controlling, maybe. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of a wreck, and it's not exactly getting better.

And no, I don't want to-- hey. We're not talking about my father, that's not a conversation I'm ready to have.
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Wow, we're actually doing this, huh buddy? Didn't think ya had it in you to go so far as to actually want ME around, but who are we kidding? Who else would get you all the money you want?

...What do you mean that's not what this is about? What else am I gonna do if I can't-Okay, well I don't technically have any wares left to sell, no, but that won't stop me and Sheerow from finding some good ol' things here and there that could fetch us a nice rupee or two cause some wayward adventurer didn't happen upon it before we did. Look, no matter what world you come from or go to, there's always something people wanna buy.

Yeah, I got my early retirement and all, but if what you're sayin's true then there's the chance I'm not gonna be able to bring all my hard earned cash with me, so gotta be prepared to start from square one. And believe me buddy, I've got this. Heh. Maybe I'll even pick up a sword myself and see about getting me some of that action all for myself, skip out the middleman, you know? But.... probably not. Let's not get too crazy here, alright?
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Okay, I'm all for trying new things. But, being in a school for a week sounds really, really, really boring.

No weapons or anything?

And everyone is gonna think they're students and not know they're Wakened? Mun, people are gonna try to beat the crap outta me.

...well, yeah, try. I can still fight.

Can't we just skip this one? Please?
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I don't understand. Why do you want me to go anywhere? I'm happy here. Honestly, I don't think meeting someone who might be my father is a good idea.

And I don't know that I want to meet him. My father and mother died. Tony raised us. I'm okay with that.

So stop trying... to do whatever it is you're doing. Tony is okay, and I like talking to them, but I'm not comfortable talking to Captain America or the Spy... I mean, Black Widow. It is upsetting. Usually to them more than me.

I would like to talk to Uncle Bucky sometime, though. I am named after him, after all.
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(The glitch starts laughing manically. Oh dear...)
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My mun, oh, my mun.

I'm not one to stifle the creative process. I thought we were getting somewhere once you had decided I should become a true magi and had laid out a plan for my magic to spread my image across the universe. It feels like there isn't enough Karamatsu out there yet.

So then I have to ask, why do most of your plans involve me getting hurt or having to face myself yet again?

--Heh, you don't need to say anything. I've already realized it. You've created a test for me to overcome all of your roadblocks and become the strongest magi to ever exist. Very well, I accept! Throw whatever you wish at me, I won't fall!

Though, can you perhaps slow down and stop having my limbs broken? It's hard to write music and design new magi uniforms if I can't move my arm.
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I'm not dumb! I just can't tell the green shrine maiden from the red one sometimes.
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This is futile. There is nothing but destruction in my path, no matter where I go.

...I cannot be anything else.

[ You'd think knowing about the good ending of the game would change her mind but apparently not. ]
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You managed to develop a personality and a history for me even though my canon seems to completely disregard anything close to lore?

I'm actually impressed. 

You don't seem to have the most... chaste of minds, but wherever you send me, I hope I may encounter the dragons of those places. They are such majestic and powerful creatures...

Ah, I'm getting a little ahead of myself! I advise that you keep careful watch of your own life too, you have quite some business to take care of this week. I'll be just fine in your headspace.


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