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So what happens now? Do I go off on my own and look for my friends or - ?

[She looks around, tugging slightly on her Gryffindor scarf.]

I wish I was wearing Muggle clothes. I must stand out like a sore thumb in these. Could you give me a hand?

If not, I guess I could use my wand, but I don't want to accidentally ruin my uniform.
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I don't care what you think, the fact that someone is going around and saying that I was in a threesome due to that last storm is ridiculous and not amusing in the slightest. All we did was kiss!

And no, we're not telling anyone else that this happened. Ever.
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Look. If you want to get back into the roleplaying mold, do it! If you want to have me hop in the fray, then do it! Otherwise you seem to be enjoying your self imposed isolation just fine.

It's just you can't go thinking about joining a game, draw up some ideas for it...then go do nothing. That's happened way too many times. Given you only seem able to play me when you're pepped up and have a blossoming mind, that has to mean something.

I don't care if I have to yell. I don't care if I have to fight another criminal organization. Hell, I don't care if I have to meet men in tights roaming around in a forest. Make this shocking, make this spiffy, make this exciting. Otherwise, let me resume my research.

There's way too many Pokémon I have to catch up on, too. Over 300...and you don't even plan to play these newer games. Although you might reconsider that?
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Now, now, it's QUITE alright, Mun, Darling. I know you've been busy with your... lion robot show lately. What with setting up Pinkie Pie with that new beau of hers- and I MUST say they really are an adorable couple!- and prepping that princess of theirs for the emotion game, you've been a busy woman.

Honestly, I'm honored you gave me a journal at all- Pinkie's been your star muse for YEARS after all- and you've put SO much work into making my "style" and "icons" look pretty, of COURSE I'm pleased! And now that I'm here, I can't wait to play with you and the rest of your friends!

[... Heh, you're right. Thanks, Rare.]

Of course, of course! But now DETAILS, Darling! Who's this "Lance" you've been talking about "shipping me" with? You can't just lure me over with a potential love interest and leave it at that, that'd be CRUEL!

[Ah, well...]
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I'm fine with it, really! So long as I get to play with you and everyone again!

[ and somehow she's still optimistic about it. ]

I know you're nervous and everything, but don't worry! So long as there's love, I can prevail through anything! I'm invincible, after all! I can totally fend for myself, powers or no powers!

[ her expression then softens. ]

You can do it. We both can.
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You're totally sick, you know that?

Believe you me, I'm down for a little bit of murder mystery every once in a while. But not without a paycheck, and certainly not when there's innocent lives involved.

...Jesus, I can't believe I might actually end up missin' Toontown.

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Oh player, don't be so hard on yourself! Many have fallen for my unique charms. I'm sure Wonder Boy will have other fans to pick him up and give him a nice cozy little Batcave to hide in. And even if you don't have any plans for me right now, I'm sure you won't be able to leave me out of action for long! There's plenty of games around here that could use a little bit of chaos and destruction, after all!

Maybe if I'm bad enough, Batsy will just HAVE to show up!

[ That isn't how this works buddy. There's a lot of different Bat-]

Oh I know. But no Batman can resist a Joker! Like a bat to a flame! Hahaha! Oh, maybe I could end up with more than one Bats...ohhh, I'd like that! 

[ Dear god no ]


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