Feb. 18th, 2017

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[ With the faintest touch of wryness: ] I suppose I have to admire your dedication, even if I don't entirely understand your pursuit. I see stunted growth more than I see any real progress, but I suppose all endeavors must start somewhere.
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Mundane, find Gray. Clearly, I've been too lenient with him. ...And maybe Natsu, just to be safe. [She's okay with going up against someone like Zeref with a plan, but trying to do that without a plan (multiple times) is just suicide.]

I realize that my current situation looks rough, but I refuse to allow any further harm to come to Wendy. I'll figure something out. [What about Gildarts?] ...It's Gildarts. He'll be fine.

...Oh, and be sure to remind me - if Jellal tries anything like what Gray just tried to do, I will hunt him down, either in a place like here or in the next life, and make him apologize.
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Well, well. It's that time again, is it? The search for some place to send me, some place to torture me somehow. I'm finally free. I've been given a third chance. Or is it fourth? Honestly, I'm losing track. Regardless, though, I'm not interested. Sure, I made that promise to Ororo to come for her someday, but that day doesn't need to come anytime soon. I intend to enjoy this new lease on life. I'm tired of playing the villain card, tired of being the scorned woman. I want to move on, make something new of myself. When you're ready to do that, we'll talk.
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Okay, this is kind of weird, but...

[He pauses, chews on his lip for a minute.]

You really think I might see one?


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