Feb. 17th, 2017

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Dragons and lions, dragons and lions, is that all you can talk about now? I think we both know who is the real prince of this company.

[There's something to be said about an ice/snow spirit being this damn salty.]

I only need the wind to fly, so why don't you let it blow and drop me somewhere? I'm bored. You know what happens when I'm bored.
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I'm not interested. You are no god, and this place shall not be my new garden.
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What do you mean you're not drinking tonight?! It's the Boss' birthday. You don't drink to his health, how am I supposed to take that, huh?

[Dude, I have work tomorrow.]

So do I, but you don't see me bitching about it.

[That's because your workday doesn't start at 7am. :| But hey, kudos, you remembered the Boss' birthday.]

Of course I remembered! It's Kajii's, too - though I suspect that guy'll just spend it experimenting as always...

[I'm just saying, you know how to read a calendar after all! Some people were wondering, after the Valentine's Day incident.]

Hck..! Look, what do I need to remember Valentine's Day for?! Leave that to the stores under our protection.
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Fufu...so then mundane, you could not contain yourself anymore? Ha~, I don't blame you for choosing me over the others. But are you truly prepared to handle me? Do you think yourself strong enough of mind and body to contain my awesome powers?

[She chuckled low first then broke out laughing maniacally! She flourishes her cape behind her and points the crook of her staff at her mundane empty air as she strikes a pose.]

Then come, Mundane! Show me the resolve of one who believes himself capable of controlling a mighty arch-wizard like me! Show me that you are ready to walk the same dark path as me, a crimson demon.
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Oh ho ho! Dearest, kindest writer, you shouldn't have!

It's been some time since I've had such a fine lamb led to my altar. And one so dreadfully handsome as well! And here I had been fully prepared to be left out of these lovesick seasonal festivities. Consider me pleasantly surprised.

I intend to receive and enjoy this offering to its fullest extent.

You have my deepest thanks.


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