Feb. 16th, 2017

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Stop wasting my time.

Just show me where the Jedi are so I can destroy them.

[There's a brief, angry growl that dissolves into a fit of coughing.]
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It doesn't matter what happened. If they don't want to be my family, I'll find a new one. I don't need them!

I'm sure I'll find even better Mommies and Daddies wherever we go. And if they don't want to be my Mommy or Daddy...we can make them!

Let's go play!
branded_untouchable: (pic#11050512)
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I don't have time for your 'games' and indecisiveness Mundane.

Ike still has needs for me in our world and it will be remiss of me to be caught up in your foolish plans to procrastinate from your work. Also, this matter of me not being in your 'app game', think nothing of it. I will be there in time.

[ At least he hopes he'll be there... Being too far away from Ike, unsettles him greatly. ]
ia: (z01)
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You've been on a creative high as of late, make sure you're not forgetting about everything you're doing.

There's being energetic and biting more than you can chew, you know?

Me? I'm just happy to be around, even if that makes me a prime target for ending somewhere strange, dangerous and most likely ridiculous. Fingers crossed, right?
thevictoriandetective: (Default)
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I loathe that you made me display my emotions uncontrollably in that event.
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 (The former criminal turns and frowns)

Now you return to me after switching between John and me, huh?

Can't a guy take a break for once?
theoldgirl: (twelve/tardis)
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There is entirely too much mourning of past times in your mind for me to understand. The past is not lost, even to linear beings - is that not what memories are for? And most of the events you mourn were not even pleasant experiences. Quite the opposite, rather. I would vastly prefer not to relive them in your mind's eye.

Instead, you ought to look to future adventures. Onwards to new experiences; preferably more positive ones, if they are to involve me. Change is inevitable, so you had better enjoy it.

I did like experiencing snow for the first time, though. And being a unicorn.


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