Feb. 14th, 2017

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Feb. 14th, 2017 02:42 am
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I can't say I expected this, even as a counselor- assistant. You had Julian here once and Leonard McCoy. I'm not sure I really fit your character type.

Plus there's all the other Dax hosts, you need to read up on them and remember eight other lives for me too. Are you really up to that? Is anyone? Noe that I'm against it, of course! You could give me time to sort out these other lives I had, at least.
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Hahaha... I'm honoured you'd pick up little old me, given the ... other two. What part of me caught your interest? [He laughs again, this time softer than before.]

Don't be afraid of using my voice. I shall lend you my powers as you need. For now, there are more important things to focus on aren't there, my dear mun? ... Such as the importance of sleep.

Off with you now. I will be here when you return.
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This time of the year already! A blink of the eye, and the months fly past, like the wings of doves stretching towards an azure sky. Of course, I’ve prepared a special treat for you as thanks for your kind attention, in a form I thought would be most pleasing to you. Open wide…

[ hibiki, that’s a chocolate sculpture of yourself you’re holding

you do know that, right

also what’s with all the - ]

Hm? Ah, there’s extra because I had some prepared for everyone. How about it? Would anyone else like to enjoy the extravagance of this blessed day together?

I’ll feed you by hand.
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So. You want to take me to a place in a creepier version of Russia where I might lose my memories? I'd say that sounds a little too similar to some shit that happened to someone else with 'winter' in their name; but this place has creepy powerful animals, too. ....It's not as much of a change as I'd like; but I'm game. Especially if Captain Kirk shows up.

So bring it on, I've probably seen worse.
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[ so it's someone's birthday today. she's 25 now or 49. ]

I really don't see what the big deal is. It's just another day.
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Hi Mun! Long time no see! We haven't talked since... three years ago, I think? Right. right, back when you were in the Digimon game! Which... could have gone better!... Oh, no don't feel bad! it's okay! I know you had a lot going on! It's all good!

But thank you for giving me a second chance! I promise that I'll do my best if I'm able to get into the game. I mean... you could have picked a better place for me to have come from though, couldn't you? I... don't like that part... at all...

[She gives the unseen mun the sad puppy eyes. Which would work... but not today! Sorry Ruby! The young Huntress just sighs.]

Okay... I guess it'll work out, right? You wouldn't pick that place if you weren't going to make things happy, right? I know your other muses are afraid of you for some reason, but I believe in you Mun. I'll do the very best that I can! So lets get out there and do this thing!

[Poor girl has no idea what she's getting herself into...]
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It is unsurprising that thine eyes turn to me once more. There is but a little more than a month before you have more material to play through and despite your distaste for the second of the series, you are pleased to see Earthen Peak once more.

Who, I wonder, shall hold your attention this time. I know well you were quite caught up with the Undead Anri of Astora. 'Tis a wonder he has not joined me here. Or she.

Perhaps after this you might consider doing more with me than allowing me to gather dust. I am a god and even in Anor Londo, I did not sit idle. I crafted the visage of mine sister and the sunlight and I ensured the survival of the Blades of the Darkmoon.
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Dear_Player? Whatever happened to Dear_Mun? Oh, it's dying? Like Dreamwidth Roleplay, supposedly? I thought we already killed Livejournal Roleplay.

Well, if anyone is here to properly break the Fourth Wall, it's me. In fact, we're going past the Fourth Wall and into the Fifth and Sixth--which I'm pretty sure are Time (as in time wasted) and basic human decency afforded to other humans online.

The Report was a lot of work, back in the day. Unpaid work, which is my least favorite kind of work. No freebies. Although the ego-boosting praise from my loyal listeners never went unnoticed.

I don't know, Mundane. This place is a mess and I'm not the sort of person to clean it up, just the kind to point it out and hope someone else pays for the damages.
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Look, right now I don't even mind that you're rippin' me outta Disneyland, you're giving me exposure, and you know I'm never one to turn down the opportunity to meet new fans! I'm sure the lovely cast members'll be able to run my service station in my absence just fine! So, what's this game like? Is it like the last one, where I'm gonna be in some weird new --


hold on just one second,  it's a what?!


I'm a toon, and a hero at that, I ain't cut out for this kinda stuff! Me? Innocent little old me? Committing a felony?! I would ne--

Hey, hey hey, I didn't end up killin' him, ya know! Just cause I maybe gave it some consideration doesn't mean I would've actually done it.


[sighhhh] Look, as long as ya promise you'll let me have some fun too while I'm at it, okay? Good.

(Oh, PS, the kid says thanks for givin' him a face that doesn't look like the Lieutenant Colonel.)

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So you watched a show about a dead girl with white hair and you thought of me? You do realize we're actually nothing alike, right? This girl is barely high school aged. She's hyper cutesy, and just... not like me at all.

I mean, I guess I'm glad you haven't forgotten I exist, but it's kind of an unflattering comparison.


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