Feb. 13th, 2017

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Hey, I'm not late. I just had a lotta things to take care of. Worth the wait, though, right?

I know that time fog is some crazy stuff, but how many versions of me do you have now? Nevermind, all the alternate universe stuff makes my head hurt. But didn't you try this once before with Natasha? oh, and Jan too? Why would I be any different? The academy's just not that popular.

Don't tell Fury I said that. He keeps giving me the evil eye. I don't think he likes that I made them accept animals before I'd join up.

((cross posting to dear_mun))
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[Is it possible for someone who more often than not manages to resemble a human-shaped serpent to look ruffled? Crowley is doing his best impression of ruffled in the form of tucking his head slightly down inside his upturned collar and pulling his face into a scowl.]

Absolutely not. You didn't even finish the book, and that's-- not a challenge, don't take it as one. If you don't finish it, you won't know enough about how it all ends, and you won't do this. Between freedom and unmolested Tchaikovsky tapes, I'll take freedom, thank you very much.

Alright, alright. Relative freedom. So, we're agreed, you'll drop this ridiculous idea.

You're not even listening.
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[ her brows raise, and then it clicks. ]

Shallow toxic rich bitch. I guess it is better than what you were going to go with before, closetmonster.

Can you at least not mess up Betty and I's friendship if you find a Betty?
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Okay, I get it. You're excited with new shows coming up and can't wait to see me in action again. I still don't get how I ended up as a park ranger. I suppose it's something or I'd be laying around all day like certain sister.

So, with the new shows releasing... Will this guarantee me a spot somewhere in one of your games? No wings this time. OH-! And make sure there are cars available to drive. Really, you and I had used to have so much fun together.

[A sigh.]

People out there, lend me a hand. Convince this girl to drop me somewhere cool and fun. Anyone tries to suggest otherwise well... Trust me, you don't want to do that.
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Alright, so... you're thinking of shipping me off somewhere dangerous that takes away my claws, my teeth, and basically anything that makes me a predator?

I'm sorry, but are you completely insane!?

It's not like I'm some super strong football player or something, I'm just a normal kid! Even with my claws and stuff I get beat up, and you wanna make that more likely!?
And you're pretty sure I'll be alone for it all, too! C'mon, how is that even fair?
Like, at least think about some not dangerous places, too!

Isn't there some of those game things that aren't full of death and destruction?
Somewhere safe, where a normal kid like me can be... y'know, normal and preferably not dead!?
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Wait a second... I'm not agreeing with whatever plans you have with me. Besides, you don't even know what exact canon-point you want me to be at yet. That's very unorganized of you, lady.

Never thought I'd say it, but I'd rather have Odin being a creepy damn pain in the ass again than have to deal with all the technical crap that comes with being thrown in some super unknown place to me. I mean, yeah, I can handle myself for sure, I'm not scared of any threats [scoffs] ...but it's a waste of time and energy.

I've got important things to do no matter what canon-point you choose anyway.

[It's kind of true. just kind of.]
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I know you thought about trying me out from when I was younger, but think of it as an upgrade! Now you have a distinguished actor-looking gentleman to class up this head of yours! Eeheehee!

[While Joseph's thrilled to be picked over his younger self, he can't help but grumble about the choice of username:] Too bad "yournextlineis" was taken; I'd have preferred that. [At least he didn't wind up with a hand-related pun...] Still, as long as there's no planes out there, I shouldn't have to worry about that happening again. [Watch - he'll immediately run into Starscream, or a sentient plane, or something.]


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