Feb. 12th, 2017

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Oh, what a tragic tale! A talented, kind and beautiful witch, forced into the service of a stranger! Forced to bound from place to place at the whim of a capricious master, with not a say in the matter! What will become of her? Where will she go? Who will she meet? Will there be any way to make a few gald along the way? Whatever the answers may be, I, Magilou, shall square off against the unknown with a smile upon my face and a song in my heart!

...and say, since you're in charge now, the least you could do is treat a girl to a decent meal. Maybe a nice prickleboar stew with a side of bread. Oh, and roasted eel with seasoned potatoes would be nice on the side. And we simply can't forget dessert, so a nice peach tart with extra whip cream. And you'd be a dear if you brought out something sweet to drink. If you expect me to dance for you, I'm going to need some fuel first.

((Just starting Lionel Island in the game, so please no spoilers beyond that. Thanks!))
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Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

Bear in mind I do say that because my fate rests in your hands.
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One "flaming little ball of hydrazine" ...


(He has the ultimate look of "Ugh, this can't be happening. You're embarrassing me, mun. It's been like, what, five minutes?")

Ha. Ha. HA. I need some coffee if I'm gonna deal with your jokes.

("Not like they aren't as bad as yours, Space Boy.")

...That makes no sense, I'll have you know. (Then.) Also, cute. Really cute of you to make that joke about a moment that few would be proud of. It's not like it, you know, eventually worked or anything. 

So, if we're gonna be working together again, mind actually trying to find the crew or someone this instead of throwing me at some weird game full of magic and wonder? Hell, I'll even take Teddy Sanders or Annie's wrath right now. 

(ooc: my soul for a Mindy Park right now. or some Ares 3 fam psl.)

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  Oh, wow. Long time no see, huh? We haven't been in this place for so long!
Huh? Yeah, we've been in  Ruby City for a while, huh? How long? I can't really remember. At least half a year now, right?
Yeah, it'd be nice to have some of my friends around...
I mean, everyone's super nice, and I've made a lot of friends there.  Even when bad things happen, everyone's there for each other. 
But...I still miss everyone from back home. Dad, the Gems, Connie...
...but. If they showed up, they'd be stuck there too. They don't deserve that.
Well, at least Lion's keeping me company. He doesn't really seem too bothered by anything, even the weird stuff.
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[Enter stage left, the Ten Dollar (smaller) founding father, looking a bit annoyed.]

Step up, look up, look what you've done
You've got a lotta kids waiting for ya to give it a run
Keepin' them on their toes
that's how it goes but I ain't shakin
You've been sittin' on your ass and I'm tired of waitin'!
I've gotta make an appearance, show up in town
run around and turn the whole damn place upside down!

See you've been thinkin' you could step away from what we've begun
but son
I am not the type to sit around and be spun
on your wavering behavior
prayin for some kind of savior? I'mma step up to the plate
and give 'em what they been waitin' for!
talk less )
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[16 watches his surroundings, face straight, expression even. his gaze barely flickers, rather he just turns his head this way and that. Blank void over there, blank void over here. Blank, blank, blank. Hmm.]

This is not Earth. [He remarks in the barely emotional tone he usually uses. If he was confused, which he was, it's not entirely noticeable.]

I would like to go back, if that is alright.

[A twinge of emotion brings his gaze up.]

There are no birds here.
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Well, I'm happy that you didn't wait around to upload my handsome face on here and forget all about me like a certain video game company did. For TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Can't say I'm happy about that username though.

Seriously, why couldn't you have gone with "world's most handsome angel" or "nintendo's greatest hero"? Or, I dunno, something about being a champion for Lady Palutena. Something that makes me sound cool.


No, "chicken wings" isn't what I had in mind. Or "floor ice cream". Even if it does give you health.
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Okay, I can understand missing the kids. They're good to have around. And I wouldn't mind seeing Williams either. But... really? You know I'm not a family type. Why would you want to go looking for trouble?

Please don't tell me it's character-building. Can we look for other familiar faces? We have plenty of choices, and I like most of them. Or at least it would be less painful to see them again.

I'm not being picky. I'm not being picky! You know, you're the reason we can't have nice things.


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