Feb. 11th, 2017

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Interesting that you would choose to use me for this. I don't suppose you're actually planning on sending me somewhere?

[Then again...]

It's not as if I have anything better to do.
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You know mun...

You have a problem and I'm staging an intervention.

I love you mun and we've been together for a really time but this time I'm putting my foot down.

1. Leave me out of your shipping and squealing about the Chocobros. Nooooooot my business and I really don't wanna know! So you read your fanfics but leave me out of it. Let the babysitters have their fun!
2. It's okay to think about another game but we're not done with the one we're in. Let's see how things go over there before making any new plans. I knooooow mun, we're being impatient but we should really wait.
3. Um... given my experiences in Valentine's day events from previous games we've been in, can we... not play along?

But otherwise, let's think up some fun stuff to do in the little time we have left at Melodies, yeah?

Anything is fine by me!
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[He just sounds so very annoyed, but there's a sort of fatalistic tone too.]

Well here we go again. I don't know why you do this. There's no place for me and you've enough with comedians, cowboys and curls there. No need for a Carnahan, regardless of what my dear baby sister says.

[insert eyeroll, he's not listening to me.]

No, no. Just leave it. No amount of bribery will work this time. Go on, ducky!
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I know you want to actually go do something, but I have to say, among those of us from the same world, I'm probably the worst choice you've got. ...Okay, second-worst. Which is still pretty bad, y'know?

I mean, don't go taking this as me just beating myself back down, but just because I was your first doesn't mean I'd be the best. I'm pretty sure that sort of thing usually means the opposite around here, anyway.

You should probably consider going with one of those other girls instead of me. Except Sara, since dragging her out and about is the last thing she—or you, for that matter—would ever need.


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