Feb. 9th, 2017

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Don't I get a say in this?

If you won't listen to me, at least listen to reason. You've got an inconsistent work schedule and you've only just rekindled this hobby of yours a month ago.

Besides, you know what happened the last time.
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Hey, my days of adventuring are over and you know it. I know you know it!
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Out of everyone to bring up to the surface, you've decided on me? Honestly I've thought I'd be buried for an eternity, not moved elsewhere for whatever you're hoping for. Are you absolutely sure about this? I don't exactly feel as if I've atoned enough yet.

[and he will never be content with it no matter how many times he's told he's forgiven... sigh]

Just don't have too many expectations if you decide to stick me in one of those places. Remember what happened last time?
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I appreciate the throw back, but I don't know what I was thinking when I used "rollingthunder" as a username.
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Hey, if there's something funny about this name, you've got to tell me, okay? I want to get the joke, too.

I could always figure it out myself, I suppose. I'm sure to come across the reference eventually... who knows, it might be fun! Could you give me a hint? Or should I just start guessing?
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I'm so not the girl for your freaky little nerd games. Do I look like Cohen to you?  
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Don't know why you've called me here. I got work to do. What are you, anyway?

Hell? Funny. No, I don't think something like me is going there. Don't think that I'd fit there. Don't think something like me would fit there.

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You have some nerve...!

[A groan of pure frustration escapes poor king once he hears the cackling. Prior to contrary belief, Regis believes he can cook. While he holds some faith in his cooking skills despite clearly not being within five feet of a kitchen in years--Regis actually believes he's a decent cook. Little does he realize that he's actually worse than his son in the kitchen.

While Noctis has a tendency to make flames jump high, Regis apparently lacks the ability to cook anything thoroughly. This includes meats of any kind.

Come now, I actually made a few decent meals since wandering into this hell you've abandoned me within. If hadn't neither Noctis or myself would still be alive and well. Lunafreya seems to enjoy my cooking at least. [Or so he thinks...!]

I never had to cook anything until currently! How dare you judge me so harshly for it! We're doing well enough, aren't we?

[Ignis, help! Help them please before the end draws near!]


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