Feb. 8th, 2017

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Okay, but I have some conditions:

1) you have to send me somewhere that I get crazy super powers, like flight, or pyromania or like mind choking.

Or somewhere where they'll choke me.

Or both!

Bonus points for both.
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So you want to do memes with me.
I understand the concept, you don't need to explain. Individual throwaway pieces of writing for you, experience for me.

... problems? No. You are going to keep me away from the embarrassing ones, I trust. It wouldn't do well for a member of nobility to be...

"No promises?"

[ his hand tightens on Brynhildr.]
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Given your penchant for similar characters, it was only inevitable.
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Here we go again.

[ mugen lazily twirls a piece of straw between his lips. ]

What's your plan this time? Stick me in a stupid game? Play in those dumb memes you always wind up in? C'mon, I'm waitin'. You gonna look for those other two nimrods to do somethin' with?

[ ... ]

Yeah, that's what I thought. Even after all this time you still can't handle me. It's okay, girly, maybe next time. [ wink. ]
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( his hands move inside his jacket pockets, long fingers searching for a cigarette. he mutters under his breath, the name "ajit" only hissed loud enough to catch. finding no cigarette, byomkesh elects to busy his hands by clasping them tightly together. without the obscuration of smoke, however, the bright glitter dancing in his dark eyes and the slight smirk tugging at his mouth is clearly visible. )

Let's examine this, shall we? You intend to play me? A character that, while popular in Bengali literature, is not well-known outside India. ( leaning closer, he speaks slowly, drawing out each word, ) You yourself are already aware of the difficulty in obtaining accounts of my adventures. Fluency in Bengali or money is required. A slight obstacle that you overcame yes, at least in the case of the latter. But your real obstacle is finding and convincing people to also overcome that difficulty.

( he smiles and, if it wasn't for the obduracy in his tone, it could almost be mistaken as warm. ) Your persistence, while admirable, is misguided. Please direct it elsewhere. Because, realistically, I doubt I'd get out very often. ( not that he'd want to get out anyways. he much prefers to stay in and let his mind mull over problems. or act like a veritable whatsitsname.

he laughs, sharp and short. )
Like I said, admirable.


Feb. 8th, 2017 06:34 pm
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Aw, what're you so upset about? This just means that your ever fabled main character sense is still working! I mean, you wouldn't have left little old me to just roll around in boredom in this here headspace of yours, would you? You're not that cruel, right?

[Help me. Oh, goddesses, help me.]

Don't worry a hair off that derpy head of yours, munny! Nothing could go nep side up with me around! Besides, isn't that why you picked this user name out for me? It's always too dangerous to go alone, and that's why you should always take Nep!

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No, it's cool. See, I'm way too busy to hang out with you. Genius stuff. You wouldn't be interested.

Anyway, what's with the sudden attention? Not that I don't love to ignore you, but I'm always suspicious when someone who I haven't heard from in months suddenly drops by. Did your crazy torture games lose their shine? Yeah, I'm not looking to be your next victim, so just move on.

[Calling after the mun, because he can:]

Next time bring a pizza! Pizza means love.
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Hello, mundane. It's nice of you to choose me. I know you don't know a lot about me but it's still nice. I'm sure we can get to know each other better in time.

I do hope I get to see that Marigold gentleman again. It's nice to meet someone who likes symmetry like me. And shapely round things. It's hard finding a man who knows the kind of women he does.

I hope I can find a girl like the one he has.

We'll have to wait and that's okay.

I do hope you can find somewhere for me to go. Somewhere I can make make drinks maybe? I am a bartender.


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