Feb. 6th, 2017

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I was perfectly fine rottin' away back on that other site. Can't ya let a guy fade into obscurity in peace, fuck.
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I am happy to accompany you, of course-- but certainly, milady, it you would do you far better to have Lady Lyndis, or Lord Hector by your side for these adventures into strange new worlds? They were, after all, the more. Favorable choices.

[It's not lost on him that he's comparatively unpopular. :( poor bab.]

But... as [A FATEFUL CHARACTER ROLL???] Saint Elimine has willed me into your capable hands once more, I will do my utmost. Upon the house of Pherae itself, I will.
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So, you're really committing to this. You know, for a minute there, I honestly thought you might back out.

For the record? I'm thrilled you didn't. I truly believe we're onto something here. Something — experimental, yet modern. [ a beat, she clasps her hands together. ] I'm ready. Where do we start?
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Wow, you have no spine at all do you?

Just last week you were going off on me and look where we are now.

See, that's just the thing that you have to admit to yourself, you know a good thing when you see it.

And Lois Lane? Well there's a damn good thing.

Hope that cleared things up, because I'm not the touchy, feely, sharing type.
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I don't have the time to be dragged into this little scheme of yours.

[Someone's not looking too happy about being around here, and it manifests in an audible "tch" and a glare that could kill.]

Getting to know other people from other worlds? Making friends? What do those have to do with taking my revenge on Artorius?
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[ So here's an extremely lanky young man who looks like he owes himself a few years of sleep. Although he himself is silent and motionless, hands in his jacket pockets and staring straight ahead, his earbuds are giving off barely audible fragments of music- lord knows how loud it is to him, blasting straight into his ears.

Eventually he pops one out and-

What? I'm thinking.

[ -then pops it right back in. ]


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