Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Huh? [He squints a little.] Wait a darn minute here! Just what's goin' on---

[The former Cavalry Captain squints his eyes some more as he stares at his mun. It's been awhile, a long while. He can't even remember her name anymore. Doesn't help that the broad keeps changing it.]

Well, smack my ass and call me a 'chocobo'! I didn't expect to see you again!

[Shoot! Rygdea is actually happy to see her. It's been years.]

What brings you back to this neck of the woods? Boredom? Nah, you don't get bored easily which means....

[Dramatic pause!]

You're lookin' for trouble!
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[Eizen is not amused at his mun's plans. Not one bit. His voice is something of a low growl.]

You have some nerve, attempting to take the wheel from the Reaper's hands. No one controls the rudder of my life except for me, do you understand? The more you associate with me, the closer you move to death's doorstep. [Because the Reaper's Curse can totally move through the fourth wall...!]
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What? Are you so surprised I have hidden depths? You should know by now that I'm a man of many layers.

That thing about Edna, though--

[ griiiin ]
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Yeah, I thought I was free.

Can you blame me? You haven't touched the game in like three months, and you seemed way too happy tormenting that pushover guy. But I guess you won't just lose interest in me, huh?

Well, at least you haven't made me do anything too terrible yet. I guess I'm lucky.
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Once more, I find my work being obstructed by human emotion.  Specifically, it's those troublesome "doubts" that plague you, mun.  Your initial excitement over my upgraded lore has brought you to the point of creating a journal for me, but now you find yourself doubting every word you type.  

I'm well aware of your worries; yes, it has been some time since you've done something like this, and yes, you've never had a voice quite like mine.  But for me to work with you, I need you to work past these troublesome doubts of yours.  

If you'd like, I could get rid of them for you.  Along with some other insignificant emotions as well.


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