Feb. 1st, 2017

Voice Test

Feb. 1st, 2017 12:26 am
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Finally! I thought I was gonna die from boredom! [Over-dramatic Sora making a landing in 3, 2, 1...!] Now where is everyone? You said anyone could be hanging around here annnnd -

[He peeks around the nearest corner, hands folded behind his head.]

...hello? I don't bite, I promise! [Unless he needs to with a certain Keyblade.]
messiahwithagun: (Oh I can't help myself. You know that.)
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I understand wanting more canon information, but is playing the game again really necessary? You know it well enough to beat it, beginning to end, in two days. You'll only tire of it if you keep going at this rate.

...Ah, I see. It's those last few details that are bothering you, hm? Can't say I blame you. The details always irked me, too.

I know the ten year is coming up and you're bitter about lack of a sequel, but replaying the same game over and over again is destroying the message that very game is trying to pass on to you. If you're going to be inside playing video games, couldn't you at least try a game you haven't played before?
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Guess you could say it's my birthday.

You can make it an awesome one by rewatching my canon, like you've been wanting to. C'mon mun, make it an awesome one.

My friends hanging around here would be totally awesome too! Just don't let Pinkie Pie explode everything.
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Well, that didn't work out the way either of us expected it to, did it? Still, glad I got time to have a little fun. And maybe this means I'll get a few more icons. That would be nice.
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I know you miss me but it's okay. I'm sure you'll find somewhere for me eventually. And, for now, I'm working hard and I know Mickey and everyone else, I know they'll keep my friends and the worlds safe until I can leave again.

Until then, I'm alright. Really. I'm... at peace, I guess.
ultra_mega: (booyaka)
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Wow, been a while.

Thanks for the swank new icons, but remember the rules. No games until AFTER you finish that class. I haven't died of boredom yet, so a couple months here or there won't make a difference.

I mean, it's been how long since you dusted this account off? Sheesh.
carrythesin: ([napping])
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...You plan to go through with this? So I'll go back to school?

[There is a soft sigh of relief. After the previous games her mun made her endure, this maybe the one game she likes. School, a friend, it's perfect.]

Thank you mun.

Please keep it that way. Long as you can.
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I wasn't happy with you, when you decided to put me in this place. It's primitive, and I'm once again stuck on a planet with no way of leaving.

But having someone from where I'm from, even if it's decades before... It's helped. The people aren't terrible, either.

I don't love this Dark Future you've prepared for me, but the prospect of having a family, of him accepting me as his daughter, even though I'm just... me. It's probably not as dark as it should be, at least where I'm concerned. Even in the present, I'm happy.

I suppose anything is better than Jakku.


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