Jan. 31st, 2017

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No, I don't need any back-up, player.

I can handle it all on my own.

And while I'm very up to any challenge, I could do without the extra competition.
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I, Crow, hereby claim this community in the name of the Crow Empire!

Now. Where is the princess of this land? I need to kidnap her. It's what I do. I'm the bad guy, if that whole claiming this place didn't make that clear. My hench-mundane has made me a journal. I've ordered him to work on a giant robot next. I drew up the blueprints already. Just need the materials.

This'll be great. Conquer a new world while on vacation. I bet no other villain has ever succeeded in doing something that awesome.

Let's get this party started!
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User, I am acutely aware that I am working myself into a 'miserable wreck' as you so delicately put it. Just as I am acutely aware that I am not Zuse or Eckert. Just as I am acutely aware that I do not have the musical prowess of the DJs or their unquestionable talent for choosing just the right songs to entertain the crowds. And yet here I am, having to do all of their jobs and do them exceptionally well if the club is to survive and thrive in its new home.

I do believe I am entitled to feeling a little out of my element and stressed.
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So you're looking for a game for me? You do know how ironic that is, right? Whatever game you find, it's likely going to be far less hectic and eventful than my actual life. And that's pretty sad.
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Haha! Yes, hello again. I'm still here, and as I know you know, still ready for anything. If you take me to an exciting new world let's both of us make an adventure of it!

I only have one request - maybe it's catching from the green scouts - that if we must go anywhere, make it a place with a seaside that's worth visiting...?
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You shouldn't be ashamed for being as invested in our journey as you were. After all, any good story should leave an impact on those that partake of it.

If you need to... to grieve, I suppose would be the best word would be for it, then please, do so. You know you have others that feel just as strongly as you do.
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Oh, no, I'm thrilled! It'll be a learning experience— for both of us. This isn't quite a neighborhood, granted, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

So, what now?


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