Jan. 30th, 2017

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Look, it's not like I'm not grateful for the thought. I am. I'm glad you care about the fact I'm...hurting.

But Kisten is gone. He's gone and it's my fault and I know that, but you can't change that. No one can change that. There's no magic that can bring him back. Not the real him. Not with his soul. I know, I've looked. You know I've looked, for Ivy. If there was, I'd know. And even it it was black, I'd use it and you know it.

And there's no place you can take me that could make me forget. I don't want to forget. I can't forget him. I can't forget what happened because I was so stupid and reckless. I don't deserve to forget.

Please just. Let this go. Let me figure out how to move on on my own, okay?
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To feel a mix of apprehension and doubt in a stressful environment is natural. As natural as the changing of the seasons or the coming and going of life. Finding inspiration in such is what makes for a great bard.

[However he frowned darkly. His look came across as one who had just ate something particularly bitter and poisonous.]

But to find it in a "game" is foolish. You modern men are far too soft and take far to much pleasure in the gluttony and sloth of the world. Tell me civilized man of learning, what is there to be gained from performing actions that you could very well do in real life? Why seek solace in gathering fruit and wild game and call it fun?

By Crom, you lot confuse me greatly. Let me return to that hellscape you call a mind and be left on my own.
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So we're doing this. You're going to actually keep me up and running regularly, now. Not just once every six months. I can - I can handle that. [He tries valiantly not to sound nervous.] I do kind of wonder if now's really the best time given how most of my... progenitor's associates? However we're referring to them, are doing. But maybe I could help. Seems like an extra set of processors might come in handy right now. If nothing else, I can at least make sure everyone sleeps and eats regularly. After living with Howard, that's become my special skill at this point.

I just have one question, though. I mean, I don't want to sound negative. And I'm sure this could all work out for the best. I was, uh, just curious - did you ever work out a way to explain me to people I don't already know? Because I think this might be weird for them otherwise. I don't really improvise well. I also don't like freaking people out, so. Some more planning might not be bad. Especially since I can't go most places. It's better if I get this right the first time around.
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What do you mean, you'll feel bad about changing me back? Have you seen me in the future? I'm gorgeous!  I'm a star, I'm...

Sweetheart, I'm beginning to think there's something you're not telling me.

...is it about Blooky?
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Y-you're not really considering this are you?

...You-You are.

But that means I'll be dead! I can't die! I still haven't solved that one case!

And...And I can't put Ran through this.
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Aren't you dealing with enough in your life? Aren't the real-world events tragic and devastating enough for you right now? You really need to add onto your heartache and your soul-crushing sadness with me and the others? You can't even read the book in public places because you start crying as you think about the inevitable.

I know we inspired you to become a stronger person, a fighter, a rebel.

But give yourself a break, won't you?
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My lady. Mayhap you are getting ahead of yourself.

I will admit that I am not easily swayed, as the City of Elua is filled with would-be patrons and suitors alike; but I am honestly flattered that you think so highly of me of a heroine. Oftentimes I am not so sure about the path I've trodden and the devastation I've left in my wake, especially here and now. No matter how long I think on the subject, no matter who tries to convince me otherwise... the stain still remains on my soul. I am fairly certain that it will never be cleansed.

There are so many others more deserving of your time than I. If only you'd give them the chance that you've mistakenly bestowed upon me, I'm certain that you'd find someone more suited to your tastes.
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I know. [ a thoughtful pause, his fingers clench and release. ] Everything is about to change.


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