Jan. 29th, 2017

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Corrupted save? Bwaha! Now, I ain't no computermagician but I reckon it was because me an' that lil' scamp kicked so much behind in the resort that the universe couldn't take it!

[y'know, and that everything is gone forever. that almost completed hoenn dex. it's good, it's fine. this is fine.]

Anyways! That just means we'll have to do everything... all over again. With Kyog--

[aaannd the penny drops. archie raises a finger, opens his mouth. closes his mouth and slowly lowers his hand.]

Well, toss me out to the Sharpedos. That ain't good.
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You sure do change your mind a lot.

Whatever works better for you, I guess. I'm still not exactly looking forward to going wherever you're sending me, and I don't think going there in the middle of my story's going to make it any easier on me--

Yeah, yeah, I know that's kind of the whole point. Shut up.

Look, whatever, as long as you're still going through with it. I'm starting to get restless.
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No, nope! You're not the only one who doesn't have a clue what's going on. But man, was I cool or what?!

Still can't believe Mikleo of all people stole a horse. Shame on him. He should know better. And poor Dezel! He really flew that time, huh? Maybe wind seraphim are just lighter.

Don't forget to make icons of me in the dress! I wanna blow his mind, hehe.
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What the hell are you expecting from me here? A stern talking to? Some kind of chastisement?

I don't care. Really. I don't. Join the games, do the P.S.L's, get totally in over your head, and then give yourself a big fat you told you so because I'm not here to fulfill your weird lusus figure role or whatever the hell it is you're looking for from me here. This is not the troll you are looking for.

Maybe in the future try not investing so much time in dumb shitheads who can't get their acts together. There, for that one I'll give you an 'I told you so.'
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Look. Though I'm flattered by your faith in my adaptability, particularly for a man from the nineteen twenties, I think your expectations are a bit wide of the mark here.

A simple detective, from a dated period of Earth history is not going to have much to offer in the settings you've considered. I'd probably be completely overwhelmed in space, holding a lady's hand without a glove is about a risque as I get for a "cuddlebox", and while the idea of superpowers tickles the ten year old within, I doubt even you could make a 'super power' out of bicycling. Which, as we both know, is about as exciting as I'd be interested in pursuing.

And we're not even going to discuss the options on that place named after Mr Doyle's infamous address. Text belongs in a book, preferably Shakespeare.

By all means, enjoy your momentary flight of fancy and then let me alone in Melbourne where I'm perfectly content. I had enough excitement in the War; I'm happy being a homebody.

Well, except for a brief visit to England, but the less discussed about that, the better.
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I wonder which one of us is more surprised at my being here.

You seem shocked, but it's really very pleasant for me. Look at all the room I have! And things grow here!

It's odd to feel so..unconnected with the world but also it's very free.

I'm free.

So, maybe it's a good kind of surprise, right?

We can do this, together.
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Not that funny, but you do have a point.

After all these years the jokes get old though, fair warning.

So what do we do now? Not seriously look for a place I can do anything remotely productive I'm sure. I guess even just being me would be an accomplishment though wouldn't it?

I still think you'd be better off letting me sleep though, I hear Jamaica Bay is nice this time of year.
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You work so hard for something. You make me care so much about someone and--

[Someone is a little upset right now.]

He lied to me, he did. But I didn't...

This is your fault.

Can't fix it now. No way to fix it now.


If we were back home, I could fix it. Make him forget this ever happened and--

No. You're right. He's right. I wouldn't. Not this time, wouldn't do it this time.

I...I don't want to hurt him again.
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The creature slowly emerges out from a dark corner, it's horrendous and fish-like appearance showing no emotion beyond cold anticipation. It was listening to everything around it, and showed a level of intelligence far beyond that of a basic, primordial being. The Creature's mouth hung agape, the gills on both sides of it's neck flaring wide in warning.

The thing is not happy with where it's found itself and the lack of females around it. Approach with caution, for even with it's strange and somewhat ridiculous appearance, those claws on the end of it's webbed hands are not for show.

[OOC: Canon is Universal's Creature from the Black Lagoon.]


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