Jan. 27th, 2017

aristocratic_assassin: (Condescension)
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Don't you have other commitments? Stop wasting my time just because you've become sentimental. I'm not interested in any of the scenarios you could imagine, nor have I ever been, so you would do well to leave me be, human. I'm not about to humor you.

That mechanical monstrosity you seem so fond of fawning over should satisfy you well enough anyway.
tinyinventor: (golly gee wiz!!!!)
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Gee Wilikers...! This is a great spot for me to work on my inventions. It's definitely better than my workshop at home. Now I just need to get all the tools to make the new and improve ranger plane. And with all kinds of new gadgets out there, nothing can possibly go wrong this time!
tropdesnotes: (there's no way you'll ring the alarm)
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My most honoured and esteemed best - ah...self!

Two hundred and sixty-one years old! Who would have thought I would "live" to see the day? Literally not a soul, which, of course, just lends itself further to yours-my-our little immortal "conspiracy", does it not?

And so I will take, with an ever-blossoming, neverending well of gratitude, that paid account which I was so promised not so long ago that you should have forgotten and need my reminder today!

Furthermore, I see that maestro has acquired, so to speak, this cat. Where then, pray tell, is my weasel?

...HAHAHAHAHA. Well, when you-I-we put it like that. We can have a hunting party! Invite everyone!

Happy birthday to me!
somekidyouknow: (Sigh.)
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[Glancing around.]

Now, this is a trip...How long has it been?

[Cupping his hands around his mouth and calling:]

Hellooo-ooo! Anybody out there?
vampireblood: please don't take. (pic#10995846)
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Oh~ this is a surprise. I didn't think you would actually go through with it. You humans really are greedy with never being content with what you already have, huh? Ah, but I can't say I'm complaining about being out like this. I will say though that if you really intend to look at these games for me that I hope they're interesting and not something that I'll get bored of in a couple minutes.

[ when you're an 800 year old vampire, there's little that really holds your interest anymore. so no pressure for the mun, yeah. ]
88mm: (betrayed by many)
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I don't mean to complain or anything, but... you do have future plans for me right?

'Cause Master Alucard just got back and I'd rather be spendin' my time around him and Sir Integra than just collecting dust y'know?
burnsobright: hollow-art (pic#2190581)
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And what have we here?

Far better suited are you for a kitten then for a lioness, or do you truly believe that you bear the burden once more? For a time, perhaps, you did, and yet you stumbled, did you not? You have gotten soft, just like that oaf of a husband I once had.

If you are under the assumption that reading the books again shall aid your cause, I shall dissuade you of that notion right now. Go back to your doves and your fawns, to your pups and your sheep, your simplistic creatures who know not what claws may lay within the paws of a lionness.

No queen are you, and I will hear no more of whatever ridiculous notions might be forming within your head. I've a kingdom to rule, and I shall not allow you, or anyone else, to get in my way.


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