Jan. 26th, 2017

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Oh no, I'm not complaining about my screen name. Bah, you think I'm that silly? Oh? You do? Yeah, well you see how bad it sounded when I just said it right? Look I'm just a Khan trying to do his best, and you're not making it any easier on me. Gods, Flavia would be crying tears of laughter if she saw this.

Did you even plan on doing anything with me, or were you just so amused by your own 'wit' that you felt the need to broadcast it?


You can't be serious... I'm not really the romantic type you know.
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I do believe it has been quite some time since you've done this.

You've been he busy bee as of late. However, it's nice that you've taken the time to let me into this headspace of yours, and this strange form of Limbo. It's a better alternative than the Darklands. Much more active here, I'd say. Never a dull moment it seems.

Ah yes. The end of the "first season". You're still reeling from that, hm? [He shrugs his shoulders, letting them sag a fraction.]

Things are better for the Trollhunter. He has the tools and abilities to take down Gunmar. As for myself, I'll come up with something. You know I always do.
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I know you think what I did was foolish. Perhaps it was. I think you'll understand better when you have a family of your own. 

I underestimated him, but... my only regret is that Galen, and Jyn had to see. 

Tu Shanshu

Jan. 26th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Um, no. We don't need a happy family reunion.
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What, may I ask, is the point of all this?

[Septimus gestures to the wide open space around him, then finally to his mun. His body is taut with irritation to mirror the thin line of disapproval on his lips.]

The thought of spending eternity with my brothers was dreadful enough. And now, to make matters worse, I'm stuck with you.

[Hey...! I brought you here so you could make friends! Is that so bad?]

I don't need friends.

[Oh, Septimus. You really, really do.]

Go away.
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I don't think I need to be put in a game right now. You already have a younger me in one, and those other guys too.

Besides, I think I'm needed elsewhere.


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