Jan. 24th, 2017

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Oh my god, you're serious, aren't you? ... You aren't? No, you are!

Shit, this is totally - what's that word that begins with 'm'? Meta. Yeah, that's the one. Sending me on wild adventures in lands where I can fight and fuck and live through some hella' wild stories? Baby, it's Westworld all over again! And this time the company doesn't even have to pay out the ass for my extended stay!

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into, but let me promise you that you'll never want to go back to a life before us and before this.
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You do realize this is a bad idea, don't you?

It isn't that I'm not completely grateful, because I totally, totally am, but — we've tried this before, remember? Twice.

But hey, if you want to have a good time, I am all for it. Just, uh, do me a favor, okay? Lighten up, babe. You and me, we used to have fun together, right?
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And yet, it was you who brought him to this juncture. Your actions that condemned him to such an ending.

This is the price that must be paid for failure. The consequence of aborting from a task that one has set out to complete.

If you're going to do something, see it through. Don't waste my time with such half-hearted determination.
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I know. It's...been a while, huh? But that's okay! Because I'm still here. And I know, you're all excited with that new...what did you call it? A 'trailer' for what comes next after I find my parents. I'm not sure what's happening there but we'll figure something out. Right?

[Of course they will. They have to!]

I mean. Now that I'm here with a newer 'journal' and all, where to next? I'm sure Eugene's around somewhere, we can at least find him, can't we? Even if you're not sure about putting me in one of those 'games' again.
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I don't want new friends. I want my friends.

At least I want them to know that I'm okay.
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Nothing is ever accomplished by giving up. Stay determined. You set your goals and you are in control of achieving them.

All events in life are opportunities to learn; you would be wise to remind yourself of this.


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