Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Sure, just send me back into space. Not that I mind being in space, of course. I like space. But this is the wrong space. Not that what ALASTAIR's doing isn't important, but I'm pretty invested in my space. You know, finding my family? Fighting Zarkon? All that cool stuff you saw me do in the second season?

I guess I am glad I'll be able to help my friends again, even though without Hunk, we wouldn't be able to from Voltron even if we had our lions. They do need me. But you could stop being so gleeful about... whatever's going on with Keith and Lance. It sounds awkward and uncomfortable and like it'll only be moreso when Lance inevitably asks me for advice. Again.

It's... too late to do anything about this, isn't it? Fine. I guess I'm going back.
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I thought you taken with others yet you continue to disturb me. My "ending" pleases you-- then let it end so I may seek beginning longed for.

I do not favor your decisions in my regard. My own hands crave action but not under your command. I recall the places sent by your hand. More bitter memories linger in mouth but neither were these sweet. The only home I want is wherever my path and Agron's leads.

[Fine. So he's not getting through. Maybe a lot of hissing will work.]

No, I do not hold interest in more battle. I care not for how well you thought me in the games. I do not fight for fucking amusement.
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[You see a gift box on a table. The paper is white with red polka-dots, red as the large silky bow it's wrapped in. Looks like someone took the trouble to wrap the lid of the present too. You remove the lid (or tear the present open, doesn't matter) and there's a red box with a fuzzy orchid-purple owl-hamster toy inside. After you take it out of the box to examine it, you hear a mechanical whirring as his ears, eyes, and mouth start moving.]

Me Tattletail! Me love yooooou!


Playtime for me! Biiiiiiiiig fun!

[Whatever you do with Tattletail: talk to him, scream at him, feed him, brush him, throw him, etc. SOMEBODY is watching you. Let's just say... Silence is Golden.]


[I'm going to hell for this]


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