Jan. 20th, 2017

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What, you don't think it's funny that you came to me first, instead of your precious little Captain France?

Which, look, despite the moniker, isn't to say I don't like the kid. It's just not really his problem and you can argue all you want, but the version you're thinking of - I don't know that guy. And I prefer to stick with what I know.

Anyhow. You know what I think, I know what you think, it's all one big empathy party. But, hey, I miss you too, sweetheart. Everybody thinks I don't know when to shut my mouth, but how fuckin' patient have I been, all this time, huh?

Yeah, remember that.
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You've come back after all this time? Have you even caught up on the events currently facing me and my nation? I have no need for someone who does not have their loyalties in check.
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So are you actually going to stick around this time? It's not just because I'm going to be back on the show is it? Not that it won't be nice to see Sherlock and Joan again, I've missed them.
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You have many questions, mun.

You ask if what happened will change anything. Should it? This case will be filed like any other. Someone will pursue the woman. And Lupin... As long as Lupin runs free, my work is unfinished.

Conceding is no option. I won't give in. The world doesn't change when a case becomes horrific.

As for your other question... Yes. Of course I think about him.

[He's quiet for a moment, shifts.]

There isn't anything else to say.

You can save the rest of your questions for another time. They aren't worth my effort; they won't lead to anything. And I have a thief to find.
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Thank you.

I don't need to grow fur and four-legs and go around prancing in a bar-ba-loot suit. I'm really grateful. You're being extremely kind!

...for a change, you psychopath....

The kid and the new guy can suffer this time around.
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...what is with that long title, reaching the character limit... You want me to go to some place where there is no Nii-ni? That's mean, I just got back home again. You know I haven't been living with him for over two years now.  And if you're so insistent on doing this, bring me in before my powers stop working, you know it's stressful for me to not be able to hear anything. Don't let it happen right after Ogata became the one in charge of the case, you're a horrible person.

I suppose you want me to be grateful that you're making me a God? I won't be grateful, but if you change your mind and make you a shinki so I forget about Nii-ni, I will hurt you, nobody makes me forget about Nii-ni.

I can agree that Don was pretty cool showing up like that but don't go all Lorenzo on him, that's really disturbing. One Lorenzo is enough.


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