Jan. 19th, 2017

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Alright. Three things:

One. Is it at all exactly wise to come crawling back into the world after you've had your head shoved up your arse for a few years doing Christ knows what?

Two. Does it really have to be me that you're diving headfirst into? Although I've got to say, that proposition does sound a lot better on paper.

Three. You know what? Never mind. There isn't a third thing. I think my point has been thoroughly made after one and two: you're bloody useless and a purveyor of bad ideas.

Look, whatever you do, just make it fucking snappy, okay? Christ, I'm the last person to talk about commitment but even I've got a better sense of it than you.
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See, see! It got better. It always gets better. 

Hmmm, I guess it would be biased to say my favorite part was when Mr. Hawk didn't die and gave everyone quite the eyeful. Soldier and Heavy's sister were throwing some impressive punches of their own.  Me? I'll be keeping this suit on. I'm fine being a un-honeyed clothed background character of sorts.
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No, I don't know where the cow came from. Or how it got it on the ship.

Nor do I want to know.

lifewithnoconsequence: (04)
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Are you sure you really want to try your luck with me again? Though did you also have to change the pictures you were using, what was wrong with the other ones?
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You'd better make this worth my while.

I don't want to find out I'm wasting my time playing your little games.
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I can't say I'm excited you've chosen me, but there's some honour in it.

I'll do my best to live up to your expectations. In that sense, I hope you do your best to live up to mine as well.

New places, new faces. Let's make it count.


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