Jan. 18th, 2017

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That is what you were calling me last time we ran around this circle of whether you wanted me here or not, isn't it? Or should I go with the trend and say "player"?

Your ability to make no sense continues to astound me. You wear my words around your wrist, yet you've never come back to this journal even once since the first time you tried it, oh, four years ago, was it? In fact, you've seemed rather insistent on ignoring me all that time. But give you an episode you hate--

There are plenty of reasons you could have woken me up, but I wasn't expecting it to be purely because you believe that Molly Hooper deserves an apology.

[Yet, here he is, and he's just not going to admit that he agrees about that point.]
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Hey Munnie? So I know we haven't talked in, like, a million years, but I want to let you know that I'm bored. Like, super bored. Can't you... I don't know, do something with me or something?
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Okay, dude, we gotta talk about this. You haven't written a word of... Anything that wasn't for school in like, what, three years? And you seriously think I'm gonna get you back on track. I can barely keep myself on track let alone other people!

...At least find some icons first. And- Make sure you get my good side.
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I was having a good time, you know. Hangin' with the Captain, being a fugitive, yadda yadda, not having to worry about the weird things you make me do--like, how am I supposed to look Cassie in the eye? After all that? Did you ever even stop to consid--

Wait, no. Back to the point. Said point being the fact that... dude, seriously, do a good review of the things I've been through before actually picking me up again, 'cause you definitely don't want all of this blowing up in your face.

Like multiple things have blown up in my face.

God I can't believe this.
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Are they all women? Does he know any guys? Or does he just purposely attract women who have a - want for adventure, to put it nicely.

[aww, but muse, you like Rose.]

Oh, yeah. Love Rose, but this guy - all of the guys. How many Doctors can there be in one place? I'm running out of Looney Toon space characters.

[how about Disney space characters?]

I'm not calling anyone of them Han Solo. Especially with what's-his-face looming around that city.

[Kylo... his name is Kylo, dirk.]
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Tch. This again? I thought you had gotten it out of your system. Picking through the story is no excuse to wake me up.

[ ange looks - surprise! - irritated. ]

I don't want to go back to that place. Close the book and forget. Our time is done.
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Aw, c'mon, toots. [ his arms spread wide, diagonal in their span, and his wrists give a quick flourish. ] Admit it: you missed me.
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The words 'liberty or death', shouted against the oppressor, Louis XVI, were meant as a motivation for revolutionaries to seek their ideals at all costs. Enough was, as they claimed, enough. These words should not be taken as indicators that a death itself, and a fixed afterlife should become barriers to these dreams.

This fight for freedom against the enslavers of humankind will not be stopped at the grave. It is impossible for it to end there.

I will not allow it to end there.

[Chill is not a word in his dictionary.]
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You're right, I am more intelligent than you and I do know a lot more than you. But Wikipedia is not a substitute: it's not always right. Even when I've fixed it, people still come along and 'correct' my fixes. You can't trust anything you read on the internet.

And you think you know me well enough to write me. How can you? I don't even know me. And dropping me into unfamiliar situations won't be interesting. I spend all my time in unfamiliar situations. It's not interesting and it's not different. Okay, so it is interesting, it always is, but that's not the point. I want to be the one to choose the situations and I want to be able to go home in between. That's not too much to ask is it?

Apparently it is. Never mind, ignore me. My opinion clearly isn't important. You do whatever you want, but don't expect me to like it.

And there's nothing wrong with sulking if I want to.
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What do you think you're doin', eh?!

(A pause.) Sorry, I overreacted, but... (But, not really sorry because "What the hell?" Can't you see how serious this is? Besides, this is kidnapping or something like that.) 

Fine. Fine. I'll spare you the why since I can see you already know. But, I don't really understand why you have me here? I also don't really like it. You could have asked. (Would have to politely decline. But being asked would have only been polite.) Do you mind terribly just putting me back for now?

I'm sorry, but didn't you see what just happened?! I
 have some things I really need to do and being here means I can't take care of them.

Fine. I see how it is. (That doesn't mean that trying to talk you off of this isn't going to happen. It totally is. Also cue a little assassin pout.)  But you'll see eventually why this was a mistake on your part and you'll have to put me back where I belong. 

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You make it sound like I end up all bloodied up on purpose. More than "bad luck" I would call it... an occupational hazard.

I do lack a healthy dose of good fortune though, I'll give you that much.
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Hey, I'm just as excited as you are. Just as happy to step out into the light. No more of this Night Boy stuff. I know you've been waiting for it as long as I have.

But dude, it's only been an issue. Even if it's a close retelling of the origin for another version of me, we don't know how things are going to change now. Maybe we should wait a little bit before doing anything? Not like there's much beyond the broad strokes right now anyway.

Let's see where it all goes before we decide on anything, alright?


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