Jan. 17th, 2017

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Okay, while I am...actually seriously flattered that you think my experience on the field will be useful during investigations, that does not mean I am okay with this.

Just because I am a police officer and can handle it doesn't mean this is at all a good idea. Seriously, animals- excuse me, "people"- murdering each other over this? If I didn't know any better, I would actually say this is the only reason you brought me here in the first place.


Nick being there doesn't make it better. In fact, that makes it worse.
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Si quiero hablar. No quiero hablar de eso.

[well, it's kind of important, muse]

If you want me to talk so bad then why don't you do something with then, instead of locking me away.

...[angrily] if you have no time then what are you doing right now with me?

[eaasssy crazy lady o.o]
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What's the saying, 'out of the frying pan into the fire'? I guess it qualifies here. Though things would have to get really messed up to be worse than the academy. I mean, you try sharing a room with Ike.

[ Not to mention the general wtf that goes on in that place. ]

I just don't think this is a good idea is what I'm trying to say. Not that I expect you to listen to me because nobody ever listens to me.
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What the hell?! First you cry on missing me, and then you post THIS?! I gave no authority to post this nor would I approve of this!

And don't think you're out of the loop. I may not reach you but I'm sure the others in your head won't mind taking your place!

[No wait...;o;!! Muses, run!]
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What, you don't think you're gettin' a little ahead o'yourself here?
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I know the non-magical world is stale and sad and boring, but you can't be this pressed for things to do, can you? Stop, you're making me feel sorry for you.

For the record, if you can't top a magical country where I have my own personalized throne and all the wine and court intrigue I could ever want, I'm absolutely not interested.


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