Jan. 15th, 2017

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At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I'm not quite certain what it is that you want from me.  We haven't exactly had good luck with guardians of any kind, and I really have no way of knowing that this isn't just another elaborate scheme by Count Olaf to get his hands on our parents' fortune.

In fact, if my research is accurate, there might be a great deal of Count Olafs running around this sort of community very shortly.  We've had our hands full trying to thwart just one.

I don't see this ending well, is all I'm trying to say.  For either of us.  
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[He's quiet for several moments, tapping his chin.]

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

[Another moment of contemplation.]

This changes everything you know. To a degree. I won't know, but they will. He will, she won't. It's horribly confusing and absolutely brilliant. Unexpected.

[He breaks into a large grin suddenly.]

Rose Tyler.

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That Eurus. Whew.

[Such thirst for the Holmes siblings. There's not a fourth one out there, is there?]
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My Dear Player,

You just watched the Series Finale of a Television program, yelling throughout the episode "What the f_cuk is this?" is really counter-intuitive.  You were watching that programme.

Of course it's nothing like the books and they completely rewrote everything, but you know these writers!  They go for what they think is "DRAMA!"

Just... go back to your happy headcanon and move on with your happy life and forget you ever liked the show or me or Sherlock or John to begin with.  Better yet, pack us up and put us away.  You had already decided to do that following the Christmas Special.  I don't know why you insisted on Torturing yourself like this...

<3 Mary
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They closed my show?! What the hell???

Were people not goin' to it? Not the first time I've had'ta deal with that, I can bounce back. I always do. Me an' Bobby had a good thing going with that show, and they go and close it?


Yeah, yeah, I guess. It cuts both ways. I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Hey, but... my tour's still runnin', right? Good.


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