Jan. 14th, 2017

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 Feel free to whine about having a cold all day long, lass, I frankly do not care. You can complain when you're coughing up blood, or perhaps when your temperature is 104.

*Says the man who hasn't been sick since 1846.*

Oh hush. I still remember what it was like. Hard to forget, really, tuberculosis.
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There are plenty of things a person could do on a Saturday morning. One could go outside and take advantage of the fresh air after being trapped inside for the duration of the work week. A particularly adventurous person might go for a hike, or try a new dish at a restaurant they'd never been to before, even if it contains olives, and they have yet to find a dish that incorporates olives in a way they've enjoyed. One might also read a pleasant book, or stream a pleasant show from the comfort of their own home.

The tale of the Baudelaire orphans is neither pleasant nor comforting. It is my solemn duty to document their lives, but you, mundane, and all the rest of the users of this website are under no such obligation. I can scarcely imagine why anyone would want to spend their free time learning about these unfortunate events, when the end result will undoubtedly involve burying yourself under your blankets and weeping in despair.

Just like there are plenty of things to do on a Saturday morning, there are also plenty of characters from all kinds of books, movies, and streaming TV shows to put yourself in the shoes of. "To put yourself in someone else's shoes" is a phrase which here means "ask yourself what someone may be thinking and feeling in the hopes of understanding their actions better, so that they might be played accurately on a journaling website." My shoes are damp and full of holes after my latest perilous journey through the Rancorous Rainforest. I implore you to fit yourself with a better pair.

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Sure, why not? I could use a bit of adventurin'. Only problem is whether you're serious 'bout it this time. I mean, not for nuthin', but ya really need to step up on your app-writin' skills.

...Whaddaya mean I'm one to talk? 'm not as lazy as you, got it?

But I guess you're still kinda stumped whether you should get me at the end of the game or from the GOOD END of last year's show... I don't think it really matters, in my opinion! Just get me in the floaty island already!
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I must admit, I find it cause for concern, exactly what kind of man you think I've become.
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I'd say you're leapin' before you look, but I think you already know that.

So, how does this go — nothing I can say to change your mind, right? Just buckle in, keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times?
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Look, I understand this is all very well meaning. But don't you think I have enough things to keep track of without adding some "game" into the mix? Not to mention, from what I've seen most of them sound about as enjoyable as a troll catered dinner.

Now there's an idea! Why not instead of taking me into a game as the Trollhunter, I could go as Jim Lake, expert chef. I don't get to do nearly enough of that lately, and it sounds just a little bit less stressful.


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