Jan. 12th, 2017

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I'm not starting a revolution, that's not what I'm trying to do.

[But that kind of is what you're doing Khadgar.]

I'm just trying to understand how that place works so we can go home! Atroma can't keep us forever.

[Pretty sure that's starting a revolution.]
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Uh, maybe you should rethink this? Or at least wait until you're all caught up?

I'm not Ophelia, the idea of meeting the actual Batman isn't as exciting for me and I've got... stuff I need to do.

[ shut up jules, it so is. ]
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You proved yourself unreliable. Very well. It isn't as though I was enjoying myself. However, you really should take your obligations to activity checks more seriously. You say that you want my voice. Well, if that's the case I wonder why you had the problem with keeping up to begin with.

I know, you don't want the structure. You want freedom. I can't fault you there, only, do try to keep on top of things.

And yes, if you could find my friends, I would be grateful. We both know that I was lonely there.
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Tell me what you want from me. Tell me why you have come to me and ask me to speak. You want to find others like me that I might converse with them? Will that amuse you?

I am not here for anyone's amusement.

But, as you wish.

Show me what lies ahead. I will look, if only to pass eternity.
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I think you may be in over your head a little bit. Maybe you'd feel better with someone a little more action orientated? Seems you're more comfortable with that kind of person by the looks of most of the others here.

You're also quite busy this might not be the best time for this. You should wait until you have the time to really dig in. I'd start with the crusades, and not with a cliff notes version. We can work up from there.

[Mun's already reaching for the aspirin wondering what she got herself into]

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Not quite the results I was expecting, but who am I to begrudge the public's affections? I accept with sincere gratitude. It is for you, belles princesses, that the star known as Shikyoin Hibiki shines.

[ Hibiki, your player does not need this purple lily you just pulled out of nowhere. Seriously. But you're just - kissing it and tossing it at her anyway, huh. Okay. You do you. ]

....does this award...happen to involve a placard, by any chance? Or a trophy? Preparations might be necessary, you see. Spare room in the existing case grows slim.
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Again? The last go-round wasn't enough for you?

Well, well. I see you think you're very funny. I admit, sending someone like me to hell does pose an amusing... juxtaposition. Must you, though? It would defeat the point, for Hell to have air conditioning, and you know how distasteful I find it to work up a sweat.
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Thank you for choosing and creating an account for me. I'm sure we will work well together from now on. But, remember if you need any encouragement

[Suddenly a costume change]


Poppy is here to cheer you on!

[Uuuh....thanks Poppy]

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Hey, mun lady. I thought you weren't gonna forget about me after all the trouble you went to with letting me come around and all the first time. Major drag, mun. I mean, what do you expect me to do? Just be let out of the box whenever you feel like reminiscing or some shit? C'mon, what kind of a waste is that?

Muns, man. They really need to come with a handbook or something.
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Okay, mun!

When is Zelda gonna come to Nautilus?

...what do you mean you can't make any promises? We've been there since---since---that month with the pumpkins and the bonfire.

Obviously Nautilus needs me, but, she might need me too, and it'd be better just to have everyone in the same place, right?

...so, can you please see if she can come?
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This is a really bad idea. Why can't you just depower me, like the others are doing? Make me sing about my feelings? Eat socks?

Literally anything -- and I mean literally anything -- would be better than this.


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