Jan. 10th, 2017

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Wait you're actually doing this?! You're taking notes like a weirdo?!

I think we both know how this is gonna end. I'm not gonna go anywhere, you're not gonna find comic arrow fam and that will be that. Am I even a thing in the comics right now? I'm not, they got that new girl. She seems nice, play her.

Can we move on now? And look even if you find a game to "put me," I don't think you'll find a place that's gonna have all the medication I need so... let's just stop. Stick with Dinah or Laurel or whatever one.
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I fail to see what the Green Paladin has said about my own that amuses you so.

What exactly is this 'emo' and why does it apply to my Paladin?
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I see.

You have roughly eight to ten days then. Do your homework, make notes and be sure to research it thoroughly. I will not be put in a position where you do not understand what is happening. Don't slack and things will go accordingly.

[ Sighs. This is his life now. ]

No, putting me on a "nose booping" meme does not count as research.
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Dear Mun,

I suggest you get your ass in gear, and find me a game so I can once again start up the Helghan race.

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Oh my dear min,

I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. That you would continue to resist revealing me to the world. I was perfectly happy remaining just another member of your mind. And don't even get me started with your thoughts on my current entanglement. It is none of your business what I choose to do or not do in my protection of the Librarians and their Guardians. My choices are my choices and that is all.


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