Jan. 8th, 2017

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(Just a blank stare into the distance.)

What. Why? 
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I see you're thinking about putting me back in a game, mundane. I figured this would happen eventually, so I've prepared a to-do list.

[Is that really necessary? I mean, it seems a little...]

Number one: complete an application. Looks like that won't be an issue in this case, so I'll consider letting it slide if you follow the rest of the list.

Number two: find more people from Fairy Tail. [The series or the guild?] Precisely. The First is already there... [And Zeref!] ...Don't remind me.

Anyway, the First is there, but more people from the guild couldn't hurt. Natsu and Lucy might have left this place recently, but I'm sure we can find them again. Having Jellal, Kagura, or Millianna around would be ideal as well, though I'd be fine with almost anyone from back home. [Aside from Acnologia. Or Ichiya.]

Number three: don't slack off. From what you've heard, the guild itself is there, and a lot of work will need to be done if it's just myself and the First.

As long as you follow those, we should have no problems with each other.

Voice test!

Jan. 8th, 2017 02:55 pm
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I thought it was over...whatever you mean to do, please consider making it brief.

With hope,
Souichi Tomoe
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You believe that? What you wrote about me?

[ A hero? No, not him. ] 

But I'm just the pilot. The others, soldiers -  they were the brave ones. Not me. My part was much smaller. 

[ honestly he's not sure about the mun's reasoning, not really. ] 
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I'm not entirely sure what it is you intend to achieve by dragging me out like this. Wouldn't it be best to wait until you have a clearer plan? Besides, we both know you'll probably change your mind and move on to someone else eventually, so why not make this easier on both of us and let me get back to doing what I need to do?

Failing that, at least have the decency to think before attempting to send me anywhere. There are some places I'd prefer not to end up.
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You're kiddin' me, right?

You have got a pack of princesses, ne'er-do-wells, reformed types - some are near my wheelhouse and some ain't, but you're probably better qualified for all of 'em than for me, and they're all in that head of yours somewhere too. And you're gonna be too busy in a week's time even if you just pick one of us.

Not that I ain't flattered you've missed me this much, but have you even had a look at my story again after all these years? I don't take kindly to disrespect, not-so-little girl. 'Member that?

I'll take a spin, but if you insist on throwin' me out there for good then you'd better do me justice.
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So let me get this straight.

All of youse get a bunch of pictures, pretty them up into little squares, shove 'em into one "journal", and pretend to be somebody else?

[Hysterical laughing.]

What losers!

Least you got the taste to give me my due! The Edman's big day! It's been a LONG TIME comin', baby! So what name you got for my "dream journal"?

...yeah yeah great you're all comedians. You can stop laughing now. I said you can STOP.
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Each game has taught me and changed me, my lady. I am not the same girl who feared her own shadow in the Eyrie; I am not even the same girl who saw to the death of Ramsay Bolton.

I would like to see my family very much, but I do not know if they would recognize me. (Rather she does not know if they will understand her.) Sometimes I think Arya and I would be fast friends if we were to meet again. There is so much that I regret that I find it easier to avoid all thoughts of Westeros.

Yet I am not a coward. I know the past could find me at any moment and I must be prepared to face it.

I am prepared.


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