Jan. 7th, 2017

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I think it would be fascinating to meet them! I have noticed that time seems to be of no consequence, but are you certain I will not be changing the past or the future? I really must be absolutely sure. I would never forgive myself if I -

What exactly is so funny?

Voice Test

Jan. 7th, 2017 03:15 pm
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Okay. First of all, this is weird. Like, seriously weird. Also, you need to change that journal name. Of all the possibilities, you pick that one?


I mean, was pinetree taken? I would be been happy with pinetree. But no. You go with...

I'm going to grow up, you know. My voice will drop and it won't fit anymore.


It will too change!

[Nice voice crack, Dipper.]

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That itch to find a place for me has started again?

Ignore it. It's not happening.


Let's just keep this casual, alright?
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It's kinda weird. He's the one who asked me for a wish, but, I think he gave me something too?

I didn't know what it's like to have a family. Not just a human one.

It's nice.
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Of course I'd get a voice in the next patch - or do you think that little of me, mundane? Simply a side-quest and nothing else?

Let's just sit back and watch how all those primitives handle what's to come from my new toy, hm? Seeing as there's no more fun up here - I'd appreciate no more teasing for a game. After all - Garlond won't be there to witness my rise, so what's the point of that.

[ and fall. ]

...But, it would be interesting to go somewhere in the future - perhaps somewhere technologically advanced this time? I'm waiting.
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[The following is not spoken, but rather transmitted directly into the recipient's thoughts via telepathy:]

Well now...after nearly three years {lonely on my end} {distracted on yours} {admittedly stress-filled - again, on your part - but even still} you seem to have finally decided to put this journal you once made to proper use, oh have you...?

You'll have to pardon me {even though I'm not really asking even by implication, nor am I really sorry} if I don't refer to you by the common term around these {quasi-dimensional, time-and-reality divorced} parts of "mundane". Considering all the, er, ongoing friction {try "cluster-f**ky culture of resentment"} with civilians towards Capes {or "superbeings", as most outside my canon might know them} such as myself in my own world...even stating by association that I look down on you or consider myself your {powered} {abnormal} superior in any way, well, let's just say {mentally state} that I'm not comfortable with that. But I'm sure you're already well-aware {given you've read my personal story in a manner almost more thorough than my own mind-reading ability} the hows and whys of it being so important to me that I remain on my best behavior, at all times, when it comes to treating other people with respect {and some common f**king decency}...right?

[With a forced, almost twitchy smile, clearly a well-practiced expression, she raises one hand to fidget with the visor that covers her eyes allowing her to see.]

Now that that's out of the way. I guess we can get on to business? I would tell you that I have some {a lot} {and I do mean a lot} of concerns about this, but it seems you have them already {well}covered on your own.

First and foremost is the obvious functional limits of me as a character. Right? You're {already} worried that my {admittedly somewhat verbose to begin with} style of speech, heavy on the parentheses by necessity {oh, aha, the username...yes I see what you were going for there} will be too cumbersome to read and therefore off-putting to {an impatient} some. Which segues us neatly onto the next crucial issue: my powers. Namely, how I literally cannot function without them...not {of course} so long as you need me to be able to see and to speak {and speaking personally I do very much hope that you want me to be able to continue doing both of those things? Getting more than a bit anxious here}...
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Who's this arsehole?

[Not that he cares. He wouldn't be jealous of a strange man hanging around with his Jessica. Nope...]

Hang on, there's going to be a team of them? Jessica, in a team? God help us all.

You know what 2017 needs? Me. Make it happen.

[ooc: Link and comments may be sort of but not really spoilery for The Defenders!]
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Those fools won't know what hit them.

So many SOULs. So little time.

I can't wait to be full of all of them.

Heh heh heh heh.

Nothing will stop me. First Nautilus. Then the Multiverse. I'll kill EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!

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[ the prodigal son returns — or, shall i say, the prodigal herpes outbreak returns? ]

Except the sores I leave are of a different nature.

[ he winks, a smirk cutting in to his cheeks and his dark eyes twinkling with amusement. ]


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