Jan. 4th, 2017

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Oh, sure, now you remember me. Trot the show pony out only when you notice the barn's caught fire and pretend it's all copacetic. Real convenient.

[ Beat. ]

No. No, don't try to turn this around on me. You haven't even caught up, you don't have the space to talk.
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Check out the hubris on you. Y'know, it has to be said, despite the destitute confinements of your sad excuse for a mind, we find the possibility of all this — [ he sucks air in sharply through his teeth, contemplative, enthralled ] tantalizing.

Beginnings such as these are, as you might know, a rare gift in this vast and ever-changing universe. So I think I speak for all of us when I say: Don't waste it.
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I'm really flattered you're thinking of me. Especially when you almost picked Princess Luna. She's got years more experience of this whole 'reformed villain' thing than I do.

But if I inspire you, don't forget what that feels like. Don't be afraid to reach out or take the little steps. They're what happens on the way to the bigger steps.

Like this place you're probably sending me. Talk about empathy magic! I'm gonna be in way over my head. But if I can learn more about myself - well, I'll definitely give it my best shot.
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The path I follow cannot err; the future would be irrevocably changed. Already forces are seeking to intervene...

I stand resolute. She will too. (There is almost a smile. The ghost of one at best.) If you wish to play games, choose another Lightning. One from the past or the future, but not me. Never me.
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...You two are having fun, aren't you? Both of my halves are going to be having a b--an unpleasant experience. Your favorite.

At least I won't have the worst memories of childhood once I'm created there.
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There really is a place where humans only have two legs, and no wings or tail? That sounds like science fiction, but I would really like to see them.
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I suppose this timing is to be expected. Absence may not make the heart grow fonder, but all it takes is the smallest reminder to set it beating again.

Strange, though, that it should take root this time. I had thought you'd outgrown your past mistakes.
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So, it's like this.

( way to raise the tension, Nick. All those years out of court really gave you a flair for the dramatic, huh? )

This might take away from my piano playing.

( he thinks he's funny. )
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[ Since his voice test, Freeza's pretty much had it with this headspace and the one keeping him here. So while she may ramble on about looking for a proper fish out of water setting that'll give him incentive enough to play along rather than explode things or alternately sit around and grump and don't act like that's not what you mostly do, you lazy, petulant little tyrant, he's being remarkably patient, visible to anyone watching. Those eyes seem to get steadily narrower as she suggests maybe a place that will NERF his powers, force him to socialize -- and yeah, he's had enough. That said, his answer comes out probably more polite than his expression suggests. ]

...I don't think we'll be doing any of that.
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People really thought Victor was evil and trying to trick me?

I mean, I did wonder what he was doing out of nowhere, but... [ how blessed he was for the time he didn't know about "Be my coach, Victor!". ] I don't think he's capable of doing anything "evil".

[ speaking of doing evil things. ]

L-let's worry more about the upcoming season than any of these places you're looking at, okay...?
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I'm not interested, so I'll be taking my leave now. Things like this... they're too complicated. Too stressful. I don't like things that might make me lose sleep, so please understand this is nothing personal.

My peaceful life... I'd much rather just go back to that. Good day.

((ooc: played from the beginning of DiU, but spoiler compliant!))
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....'Tch. How long has it been since you've last voyeuristically spied in on my mission with those idiots? Years? What happened in that empty head of yours to suddenly take up interest again? You miss playing these stupid games you used to take part in?

And what's the big idea involving me in all this!? I want no part of it! Let me get back to my mission!

I don't care if those three numskulls in the sky fired us! I will get that scripture back if it kills me and everyone else around me and you know it!

[Cocks gun.]

So step out of my way and let me get back to what I need to do.
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I get it ... our villainous cadre needs a representative. Somebody normal for a change.

I accept.


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