Jan. 1st, 2017

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Ungrateful? That's interesting coming from you, mun. Haven't I been the picture perfect muse going along with every one of your overly demanding requests and going along with just about any meme no matter how asinine or obscene?

I've even adjusted my usual levels of complaints and sass to the absolute minimum I could possibly make them.

[That is to say: he didn't really adjust them at all, because he is a walking pile of salt and sass, god help us all.]

Anyway, I feel like I distinctly recalled you saying something about needing to canon refresh soon? And catch up on all the updates you've been carelessly ignoring? I mean, stuck with you like I am, it's been more than a little impossible for me to ignore thoughts like that...

Well. Whatever you plan on doing doesn't really matter.

Right now, the clock is counting down frooooooom.... 335 hours and 5 minutes until Tsukishima Tagging Services closes for an indeterminate amount of time. Better get those last minute requests in, mun.

[Weeps... why did the mun have to pick up such a sassy and unhelpful shit of a muse...]
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Nice to know there's so many of me. [ It's about as sarcastic as a teenager can be, sullen and determined not to admit it. ] Nice to know I'm the only one that's alone, too.

[ Which, obviously, sucks, when you were supposed to have a twin. It's not every child that can tell the story of how he killed his brother when they were born. (According to the gospel of mother dearest, anyway.) ]

You're so full of shit.
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You know, this wasn't exactly the inspiration I might have expected someone to get from my life.

Then again, considering what you've done in the months since you made this account, I can't pretend I'm surprised.

[He's just going to sigh into eternity.]
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Thank you for this opportunity. I realize that I am... not the sort of person that you generally use for this "role-playing" activity, [Someone like Naruto, Lee, or Guy would be better suited to that, though Guy is somewhere in her mundane's head already] but this is new to me as well. I guess it's something we can both figure out.

I'm not sure where to start... Maybe finding more icons? Five might be enough, but Kurenai-sensei always says it's better to be prepared. ...though I don't think this is the sort of thing she was talking about...

Um... I'm sure that you're nervous about this, but as long as you don't over-think things, there should be no problem. ...right? [Hinata has no idea how she became the one to try to get her mundane over their nerves, but there's a first time for everything.]


Jan. 1st, 2017 03:33 pm
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Well, you can read it all over again if you want, but I'm not really sure you have to. I mean, you already know me. Most people do!
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Nay! I wish to speak. I am King of Greenwood the Grape! You may not tell the king what to do, human.

[Says the elfling prince wearing a stolenborrowed rowan crown... and drowning in his father's robes.]

Well... I will be when I am this many years. [Legolas holds up all of his fingers, allowing the crown to slip off his head. Whoops. He'll fix it later. Or place it under the cushion of Thranduil's throne.] Old like Ada and the mountains.

Please, I do not wish to be so far from Ada. [He isn't above waterworks.] Can we look for a home?
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Dude, no.

I can barely tolerate you reading the drivel that is the manga version of my canon. I'm not gonna let you read fan translations of the new novel. I mean, the fact you want to use it for canon review is even worse.

You're not putting me in a game. Right now the main stress-factors in my life are lack of snack food and the chronological problems of the new Five Nights at Freddy's game. Aight? Aight.
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So tell me. Have you gotten tired of Jimmy already? ...That's why I'm here, isn't it?

You know, I almost feel bad for him. His parents didn't want him, none of the schools they shipped him off to wanted him, and now... [a mockingly exaggerated gasp] even you don't want him!

[He laughs riotously.] Oh, you're really a cruel one, aren't you? --No, no, there's no need to get defensive on me. Relax. If anything, I think you made the right choice; I can't imagine a neanderthal like James is any fun to write for. You're all about [a brief wave of a hand] introspection, aren't you? It must've been hard, what with him barely being capable of sentient thought.

...What are you, slow or something? I'm telling you I respect your decision. So quit worrying about it and get a move on already!

You and me, we've got work to do.


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