Jul. 3rd, 2016

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I have more important work to do than being distracted by your nonsense. Laissez-moi tranquille!
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Kill me. Kill me now.

(he's slightly upset about amnesia things... I guess)

It's true, in that other world, I'm almost faithful enough. But is that enough to remedy my sins in that first world, mun????

(in the other world, he means the Puella Magi World: )

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I think you're a little bit too excited to have found art of me winking.

[ But because he's Old Superman and is everybody's dad and/or granddad, he's clearly enjoying that excitement. ]

But as along as we're all having fun, that's all that matters. Now then, I believe you had decided it was time to find me a place to settle down and get back to work? A long working vacation has been nice, but I do think there are some places out there that could use me.

[ So you could say it...]

Yes I could say it...

Looks like a job for Superman!

voice test

Jul. 3rd, 2016 09:31 am
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I don't have time for this.

She's gonna need me. I have a hell of a lot of demands on my time. [He snorts, raising an eyebrow]

But I'm sure you'll drop this in less then a minute. So I'll bite my time and wait.
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I must say boy, you really are quite the bore. You've peddled me out here in some grand procession with plans to take me somewhere how many times now? And yet you never do. I am if anything a patient man, but I do have limits to my patience, my young friend.

Give me a battlefield, or leave me be to prepare for when you ARE ready to go to war again, when you're ready to bear a sword and push it against others throats instead of daintily passing your days away, embodying the weak generation you're a part of.
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Man, talk about being laaaaate to the party. It's only been, what, a decade since the series ended? More like the party is over. I mean, there's even another Teen Titans show on right now where stuff like this happens -- which, by the way, not cool, Rob. Not cool at all.

Anywho, I guess being massively late is better than not showing up at all. It's not like I've lost any of my awesomeness after all these years. But you better pick up the pace if you hope to keep up with me. I can't be having you ruining my speedster reputation now, can I?
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... Don't expect me to like it.

I'm not gonna make friends or go be a superhero or anything. I'm not like that. What's your deal, putting me somewhere else I'm not gonna fit in? Where's the fun in that?
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You're taking me somewhere so that I can connect more with people.

It's okay. I believe in you, mun-san. I don't remember much about my past either, so I can see why you're having difficulty with this application you're making.

... What do you mean you're relieved that you don't need a paid account for me?

[Take a wild guess, Katsuhira.]
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You is not cutting Mr. Spillberger enough tape.  I thinks it was a good filum!  Giant Country was a sweet, the snozzcumbers were absotively disgusterous, and Ruby is the spitting tone of my little Sophie.  And I pluses, I does not look whole-bad myself.

You knows what I thinks?  I thinks you is too glued to that old codgey animoving vision you uses for my icons.  Brighten up!  You just be happy more peeplers is minding attention to my story!
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The faith and the crown are supposed to be the twin pillars of the kingdom. When one collapses, the other falls.

What's left now? It's all gone, everything I believed in.
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Thanks. Look, I know you're upset that you've gotta work all day but when duty calls, somebody's gotta answer. Maybe you'll have better luck on my 98th, if I'm still around.


In your head, I mean, not- I'll be here. I'm always gonna be here.


Should be a nice day out. You can watch people blow things up in the name of freedom tonight, and isn't that what today is all about?
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Hello Players

Sadly it is time for another sticky post.

We're always happy to update the tag requests so keep them coming. You're always welcome to come request more and if you think we've missed one there's no harm in re-requesting it.

TAG REQUESTS go here. The instructions are on the post!
Reports of abuse/harassment go here. Again, instructions are on the post!
We don't like to see it and we are happy that for the most part it seems like it isn't necessary, but the mods are not all seeing.
If you see harassment/abuse please bring it to mod attention so it can be dealt with as needed!

Okay. Now it's time for a couple rules updates.
  • Real life tragedies, deaths and disasters have no place being discussed within [community profile] dear_player. Doing so is a banable offense. These tragedies have no place in our community and discussing them here will not be tolerated.
  • Likewise this community is not a place for arguing or discussing religious, political, or personal views and beliefs.

Posts being used as soapboxes for a player's personal beliefs or opinions about the real world, using their characters as a mouthpiece for such, or discussing real life topics of a sensitive or upsetting manner may be deleted.

If the mod team sees this becoming a frequent issue, we will ban character journals responsible for crossing this line.

This community is for use as a roleplay community for discussing roleplay scenarios, situations and thoughts. Please keep this in mind going forward.

Lastly, if there is anything you would like to see from [community profile] dear_player in the future, or if you have any suggestions/comments, please feel free to leave them in the screened comment section below!

Sincerely, your [community profile] dear_player mods!
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So you wish for me to be your puppet on a pair of strings then, is that it? [She rolls her eyes in disgust at the apparent idea, the concept is both strange and troubling to her.]

I think you will find, however, that I am not so easily controlled as you may think.
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My dear woman, I rather feel you have misunderstood me if you believe that bringing me here is at all an advisable course of action.

I am a detective, my purpose is to detect, to hunt out those singularly titilating morsels of intrigue, criminal or otherwise. In the realms of diversion for its own sake, I can only recommend you my good friend Doctor Watson, who is himself an excellent source of entertainment.

Now, leave me to my business, madam, and I shall leave you to yours.

Good day.
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I don't care anymore. The ghost brats or me-- Whatever.

[He's not holding out for any hopes or heroes. It didn't work out before. Who's to say he'll get to stick around now?]

Just... I'll go if Gal is there. Get me visitation rights or some shit, then maybe I'll care.
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MUN! Now see here! I don't see what's so 'funny' about I, Mr. Denzel Crocker adopting thirteen children for each year I've made Timmy Turner's life horribly miserable.

It's bad enough I have two... But that's besides the point!


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