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Dear Mods ([personal profile] whydoyouhateus) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2015-07-16 01:09 am

Report Dear Player Abuse & Harassment

If you have noticed harassment, harmful trolling, abuse, bullying, or other content that you deem unsuitable and damaging to [community profile] dear_player and those who use it, please report it to us.

The mods are not all seeing so we rely on the community to draw our attention to these things! If you feel or suspect that abuse or harassment is occurring in our community, please reply to this post providing the following information:
  • A link to the post in question or a screenshot of the abuse/harassment in question
  • The username of the sock or account responsible for the abuse/harassment
  • Were you the target of this abuse, or just an observer of it?
The comments to this post are screened, and you may use any account you wish to respond to this post.

Thank you for helping us keep [community profile] dear_player  a friendly and harassment-free environment.