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Canon's Thunderbirds Are Go! Voice practicin'

Hey, if this doesn't work out, it might be for the best.

I mean, call me crazy, but I'd kinda prefer not being separated from my brothers, Grandma... Thunderbird 2...

You know.

Just saying.
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I have a feeling you would only be put in a worse situation than that if you continue.
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[He only grins.]

I won't. Are there any plans for you, though?
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So, what are the plans? Do I need to try and get the others to rescue you?
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...what is it?
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You're being sent back in time?
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But is there a reason? I'm pretty sure that messing with the timeline isn't the smartest decision.
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If it's not controlled then... I guess there are worse years than 2014. How's your penmanship?

[There's going to paper and pens, y'know, Virgil. Also, jokes tend to fly over John's head but it doesn't mean he can't attempt them himself. Right?]

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Wait what?

You're leaving? Where? [concerned]
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I know our muns like to take us places and stuff...but....[How could they separate family?] Do you know what kind of place you're going to? I...mean um...[Will it be safe? He didn't want to see Virgil in trouble] hopefully it's not boring right? [Grinning a little, trying not to look too upset]
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John told me you were going to 2014! How crazy is that?!

Their videogames were still on...[smirks]...screens.
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[Alan grins at the laugh]

Heh, I don't know if I could. Ew!


I wanna come with you. You know...for company! You shouldn't have to go without family. [In other words, Alan would be lost without any of his brothers. He just didn't want to say that out loud.]
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[Alan was silent a moment, frowning with that look he usually got when he was told not to do something or that it was a bad idea]

With what? Well...other than the obvious [manning IR and all] Making sure he laughs once in a while? [He was too serious for his own good sometimes. So was Scott.]

I just...[It just wasn't fair] I'll miss you. [He sags a little.]
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[His blue eyes widened with realization. Alan knew. They all did. And it was why it was hard for the brothers to be separated for any length of time. It would hit Scott hard.]

Who's gonna help me get back at Gordon for his pranks? Or...finding creative ways to avoid Gramma's cooking? I just...[He had been proud of himself for keeping it together but Virgil touching his shoulder didn't help. The youngest Tracy surged forward and pounced on Virgil in a hug, burying his face in his brother's shoulder. He hadn't done that in a while]

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