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And Now We Squee

Is, is it true, Mun? That I'm, I mean, am I really getting to join... them?!

Eeeeeeee. I just can't even! I mean, yeah I debated putting my hero OC in a team fic but I felt it might have been a bit too self-insert but this is real life! I'm actually being in a team and it's not self-insert and it's my actual life! I'm going to be in a team! I... I'm not just going to be a home town hero anymore, Mun. I'll be going everywhere, trying to help everyone! This is... this is so much bigger than I ever thought. Do... do you think I'm ready for it?

(Also, while I can't really yell at you about the shipping 'cause I do it too, can you please remember I might actually meet some of these people?! Though that one is across country... and that one is another company... Wait, not the point! Shipping. Stop. Around me. With me. Whatever way those words make sense!
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Good luck, kid.
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You don't have to call me sir.

My mundane has faith in you, if that's worth anything.
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It won't be easy though, but you probably already know that, if you're a fan.
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I think it would, and I think Steve Rodgers would be most inclined to agree, but the other Avengers would too.
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...You know, now that you've said it so much, I'm actually kinda curious. Top three pairings for yours truly?
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For me. Asking about your own crushes would be a bit personal, I think.
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Juggernaut... wasn't actually me. [Sigh] I... really need to... do something about that getting around.

But I like this approach to being a fan of me. Keep this up. Selfie? [Sudden sense of self-realization dawning] Let's... not mention about how over-30 I am and how it sounds when I use that word.
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I am so down for selfies. [So much easier than carrying around 8x10s to sign. Pose!]